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Interpersonal Communication - Scholarship Essay Example

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According to (2010), "Interpersonal communication is the process that helps us express our feelings, ideas, and thoughts and share them with the people around us. Efficient interpersonal communication is a very good quality that helps people in every aspect of life be it personal or professional…
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Interpersonal Communication Scholarship Essay
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"Interpersonal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages When a communicator fully achieves his or her communicative goal through the proper channels and techniques of communication, he or she is said to have achieved communication competence (Verdeber and Verdeber, 2008).
Understanding why and how people say what they do deals with the accuracy of social perception. Start by asking yourself why a person does what he or she does. Overall, it can be obtained through analyzing the way in which others behave (Verdeber and Verdeber, 2008).
It is well known that language shapes perception. The way a person speaks influences how others perceive that person. Language affects the very thought process, which includes perception (Verdeber and Verdeber, 2008).
Language use differs across various cultures both through linguistic and non-linguistic clues. Differing situations influence the way a language is learned. It also affects the way that language is interpreted. Differing mechanisms or categories during this process also play a role. The way in which a person was raised in his or her culture affects the way that person uses and interprets language (Verdeber and Verdeber, 2008).
We communicate through proxemics and physical appearance through the use of body language. The distance between a speaker and a receiver can influence the way a message is interpreted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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