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Annotated Bibliography Che Guevara - Essay Example

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Abstract: The article provides a brief overview of Che Guevara's political activities and his development as political inspirer and leader. The writing points that the main contributor to Guevara's perception of Marxism was his 'Marxist' upbringing - low religiosity and family value of liberty and freedom…
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Annotated Bibliography Che Guevara
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Download file to see previous pages The writing also points to the waves of radicalizations, taking place after the most influential events.
Abstract: The paper is a piece of creative art rather than a genuinely scientific work, but it still describes and discusses several aspects of the politician's political and social growth. The authors outline two main factors which contributed to Guevara's interest in Marxism: first of all, he traveled across Cuba for a long time and literally in every village found the proofs of Marxist anticipations. Secondly, Che had several influential persons in his life, three of whom were his close siblings. Both factors are presented as outlook-shaping.
Abstract: The article is designed to discuss Che Guevara's inborn internationalism and inclination to revolutionary thought. The author holds that the main determinant of correspondence between Guevara's standpoint and Engels and Marx's teachings was his cultural background, as the entire Cuban nation had been creating a political philosophy now known as Guevarism for centuries, so Guevara simply became a representative of common notions about ideal social and political order. Furthermore, Lowy draw a hypothesis that Guevara's writing are themselves a logical completion of Marx's politeconomical ideas, adopted to national peculiarities and thus perceived generally in cultural context.

4) BEC. The Development, Maturation and Influences on the Guevara's Ideology. Retrieved October, 25, 2005. Available at:

Abstract: the paper was intended as reflections upon ideological timeline of Guevara's philosophical writings, viewed as the direct response to Marxism. This political study was spreading in a conductive atmosphere of national cognitive dissonance and radical discontent with existing power. The author prioritizes psychological reasons for Guevara's acceptation of Marxism, as the main remedy against Cuban declination. Another reason for the impact of radical study on Guevara's thought was the fertile ground for further considerations, provided by the political economist. Nevertheless, the author refutes the notion that Che Guevara was a genuine Communist and in his paper evidently defines the revolutionary's political course and orientations.

5) Saunonis, T. Che Guevara - Symbole of Struggle. Four, Guerillaism and Marxism. Retrieved: October, 26, 2006. Available at:

Abstract: The article demonstrates family roots of Guevara's positive response to Marxism, as Che was grown as a hero, a social marginal, as his whole family and the representatives of his social class were strong and bold enough to ignore the rigid bureaucracy of existing state regime. Furthermore, the article matches the success of the Russian Revolution and Guevara's plans for reordering Cuba. As the politician ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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