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Owens Corning - Essay Example

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Owens Corning is going through a phase of post implementation change management. They have lined up their Advantage 2000 to reach a target of reduced inventory by 50% in 2000. With this target in mind, there was a clear selection process for the right ERP that fit into their needs…
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Owens Corning
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Extract of sample "Owens Corning"

Download file to see previous pages This meant the company had to develop new IS capabilities and also to plan for a strong IS human resources management. It was also found that when the staffs were getting trained in SAP their requirements outside was very attractive and people were moving out of the company.
At the planned implementation time, the first release was done - October 1995. Second and third releases identified training as a major lacuna during the implementation phase which cost them quite some time and efforts. Not just teaching the computers and PC operation but also processes that are being adopted in the company. Release 4 was the SAP R/3 roll out at the Roof and Asphalt plants a total of 140 units where this was to be switched on by Mar 1997. This was to be followed closely by the other units of insulation and composites of North America. But then there were lots of issues relating to bugs in SAP, attrition among people and a swift implementation of switching it all on at the same time. From our analysis we find that the issue is one of staged implementation and now they need to take a measure of putting unit after unit in order and lessons learnt in one place could go on to help the rest. A plan to put all these in a phased manner needs to be worked out and implemented with the same vigor when it was started in 1994.
Owens Corning was swiftly growing with its new acquisitions and there was an ongoing incorpor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Owens Corning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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