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At present America seems to be better in some ways then its alternatives but it also seems to have its pit falls. Its setbacks seem to be in its international laws, human rights, and diplomacy. But when it comes to foreign policies and security there is no alternative.
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American History Master Essay
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Download file to see previous pages I shall also highlight how the new world order was disrupted by America.
Law on the international level is dependent on a state's acceptance to be subjected to the enforcement of laws. States must be willing to subject themselves into the international legal process. In international law, there is no single enforcement mechanism, which sometimes causes individuals to question the validity of international law. They question whether international law is a fundamental requirement of a modern, increasingly independent, global system of states and non-state actors. They question whether international law stops them from pursuing their self-interest (Damrosch etal 2001 p 14). In modern times, because of globalism, international law is a fundamental requirement for international relations. In the last 100 years, history has shown us that the absence of such laws can have detrimental consequences on the entire world.
The Bush administration has insisted on its right to unilaterally attack Iraq. To justify this end, the administration either ignored or conveniently reinterpreted UN articles or resolutions. It is no wonder that the vast majority of the international community did not support the Bush administration's conclusions. International opinion was that the attack on Iraq was illegal under the international laws of the UN. (
The United States has clearly defined their foreign po...
Foreign Policy
The United States has clearly defined their foreign policy's objectives and goals. While some groups claim that the United States acts as an isolationist body, the government works to improve the international community through negotiation and cooperation The United States maintains relations with nearly every nation state in the international system. The US also conducts frequent relations with many international organizations for a lot of different reasons
While the United States has hundreds of goals and objectives of the foreign policy, it's most important goals currently are internationalism and multilateralism, national security, and limiting weapons of mass destruction (Walter 2001 p 2). A divided government within the United States sometimes makes it difficult to create clear strategies both domestically and internationally, nevertheless both groups are willing to compromise in order to deal effectively with any problems
Traditional and current foreign policy objectives determine current relationships between the United States and other countries and various international actors. Traditional objectives of international security and trade have always shaped relations in the international system. Today, issues of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and Middle East peace also help shape relationships with the US abroad. The current policy objectives shape US international relations.
Foreign policy activity and the decision making process have two driving motivations- an external, and a domestic or internal. The external motivation includes foreign activities, politics and policies that have an effect on US foreign policy. For example, external threats such as the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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