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Discsussion Board - Essay Example

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Drug Trafficking is a serious problem in America and many are affected by its presence. The main groups of people in society that are under the biggest threat are our youth. The main way to combat this crime is in starting in what area at a time, minimizing it and gaining some control over it…
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Discsussion Board
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Extract of sample "Discsussion Board"

Download file to see previous pages This is what this literature plans to discuss and will show using factual research and reports from the White House's National Strategies on drug trafficking.
Drug Trafficking depicts the illegal activities of drugs being distributed through out the world. It is a criminal occurrence and has created wide spread alarm in many parts of other countries but particularly in the United States. In the 1960's the main area of concern was in the trafficking of heroin and its subsequent abuse. Also at this time there were other illegal drug activities gong on, specifically with drugs that were considered to be recreational and psychoanalytical but which posed just as serious a problem as the harder drugs such as heroine, and cocaine. The milder drugs like marijuana were also rampant and being elicited and distributed by many drug dealers and those smuggling it over the border.
Because of past concerns and the current problems in law enforcements attempts to curtail the illegal distribution of these heavier drugs, there have been several policies established and strategies developed in order to gain a tighter reign on criminal drug cases involving the trafficking of them. The Bush Administration has set aside funding for cracking down on drug abuse and the trafficking associated with it. ...
There have been other government agencies that have received funding as well but the ones listed are the most proficient on controlling illegal drug use.
The 2003 national Drug strategy campaign has been one of the largest iniatives by the government to dissuade the youth from becoming associative with drug trafficking and drug usage. It is believed that by educating the youth about the consequences of drugs, they will be deterred from it and drug sellers and traffickers will be less able to sell to the youth and therefore their capabilities to distribute illegal drugs will be minimized in this category (National Drug Control Strategy 2003).
Drug prevention programs seem to be very effective in bringing knowledge to the youth on what thy can expect if they fall into the trap of drugs and the selling of them. These programs make it clear that the misinformation that has been handed to the youth by drug sellers indicating that it is a simply teenage fad and it is ok to experiment with drugs during the teenage years, have been substantially dispelled so that young people have a clearer interpretation of what is truth and what is a lie concerning drugs. This has been very effective in decreasing the amount of drug trafficking around the youth population although there still exists a number of concerns.
What has come into existence in the educational system now is a program that legally can test teenagers who are suspected of having a drug problem. The main goal in this program is not to punish the youth who are found to be associated with a form of drug use but rather to get them into proper treatment facilities where they can be rehabilitated and properly counseled as to the outcome they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discsussion Board Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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