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Emotion - Essay Example

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Emotion is not a concscious effect rather a complex psychophysical process which takes place immediately and give rise to positive or negavtive response and expressions. Emotions are mainly involuntary and are related to feeling, beliefs or relations between objects in reality or imagination.
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Download file to see previous pages Motivational and emotional processes give rise to a natural gift n the environment known as interaction. [2]
Motivation is the desire, the willingness to do something, it is an experienced emotion. In order to understand motivation well its relationship with emotion should be understood. A person living goes through emotions when he/she achieves or does not achieve something in live. The emotions help the person to experience the benefit that was brought through achievement and the disadvantages of the lack of achievement. In emotion there is a hidden tendency to avoid something that is harmful and also has a motivational factor towards things that benefit them and lead them to act. Motivation minimizes the fear of existence and gives a feeling of safety, security and avoids fear. In order to obtain something in life you really wanted, you need to be highly motivational and not thinking about others opinion of it and aiming at it to win. [1]
Somatic Theories: It lies under biological approach and was established in 1884 by William James. In this theory he states that a changed situation leads to the bodily changes which results in emotional experience revealing stirring facts about the perceptions. For example, encountering a bear in the woods results in the heart beating faster producing adrenaline. This adrenaline results in the emotion of fear rising.
Cannon-Bard Theory: it also lies under the biological approach a...
by James (as mentioned above) but he criticizes that the bodily changes does not just give rise to an emotion but they motivate the person to act upon it. Therefore on an encounter with a bear, fear raises and due to this emotion the person is motivated to move away from the place of danger by running away as fast as he can.
Schaster's Theory: It lies under the cognitive approach and was established in 1962 by Schaster. In this emotion is thought to be the part of physiological arousal and cognitive interpretation. In this respect some experiment were conduct on varied arousal on the introduction of adrenaline as the participants were put in different situations. In this the cognitive along with the release of adrenaline in the participants or a gesture together motivation the participant into a response. For instance, when there an encounter with the bear, the adrenaline is released and the heart starts to beat at a faster rate showing that the sight of the bear is a danger and resulting in the fear arising and the person running away from the endangered area. [3]
Emotion is a spontaneous response that arises in a person due to the change in the situation resulting in the feeling of fear, happiness, anger and rage being displayed which in turn motivates the person to take action relating to the emotion.
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