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The Effect of the Salary Cap and Free Agency on the Compensation of Skill Position Players - Essay Example

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The given article is trying to reevaluate and test a previously done research paper. The original paper came to the conclusion that the new payment regulations in the NFL greatly increased pay inequality, and also paid players disproportionately across the board…
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The Effect of the Salary Cap and Free Agency on the Compensation of Skill Position Players
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Extract of sample "The Effect of the Salary Cap and Free Agency on the Compensation of Skill Position Players"

Download file to see previous pages The article frequently sites other research papers to help back up their own work, and also use expansion path graphs to illustrate their findings.
The article also used quantile regressions to demonstrate the data that they have pooled and taken from NFL stats. They site all their calculations and their formulas, and have a strong background of how they came up with all their numbers they use.
They also use several different models to demonstrate the differences between the pay salaries and performance at the NFL level. They also make sure to add in the factors that free agency cause, as well as what a NFL team should respond to using the graphs that the article shows.
The article reveals that several patterns can be seen in the NFL numbers. These patterns look to support the findings in the original paper, the Kowalewski and Leeds paper that this article was trying to prove correct or incorrect. The data supported the conclusion that free agency made it much more important for a player to keep track off, and improve their stats for the better pay. This was also the conclusion of the original paper, and this article reaches a similar conclusion.
I believe the author's conclusions are sound, and that they have all the data and work shown to properly back up their argument. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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