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Evaluation High School - Essay Example

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As an international student writing in English, a language which it not my native language, writing college papers has often presented a challenge, as my command is not up to the level of my fellow native-born students. For that reason, writing papers for classes has been a struggle, but not just in the actual writing…
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Evaluation High School Essay
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Download file to see previous pages One alternative toward overcoming this disadvantage would be to form and write first in my own language and then translate to English, but I think that would not be productive. In fact, I believe it has been a valuable experience for me to learn to both think and write in English. I believe this experience, frustrating as it is, will make me not just a better writer, but a better student.
One of the greatest lessons I have learned is the almost magical process of revision. Sometimes when I read, I cannot help but believe that writers just put down on paper what is inside their head, and these first thoughts is what winds up on the paper. I think maybe a lot of students who are not really good writers think this, and I believe it may be why so many find writing a challenge. I think if more students and children knew that what they are reading was maybe the fifth or tenth or hundredth revision, they would not be so afraid of writing themselves. Revising has taught me the power of making the thoughts in my head turn into what ends up on the paper.
Helping me with the revision process has the been the writing center here at school. Everyone working there has been a great help. They are very knowledgeable and able to share their knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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