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Minnie - Essay Example

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No matter by what extent the humanity makes progress towards a better life, the societal norms yet to see some amendments. Today, even there are societies where man and woman are not considered to be equal in all perspectives. Male dominance is widely prevalent making the issue of gender bias a global concern now…
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Extract of sample "Minnie"

Download file to see previous pages In the first stanza it is described about how the "sweet and cute" little Minnie becomes a responsible sister "at the age of four". In spite of her tender age since a baby boy is borne after her she has to take care of him. The line 'you are the big sis' connotes that the caring attitude and attention of the elders is now diverted from the girl child to the baby boy. Not only that, the girl is considered as big enough to take care of her little brother. The girl succumbs to the pressure of the elders and makes "compromises" throughout her childhood. Here "compromises" means the character Minnie has abandoned her rights of being loved and cared in her playful days for the reason that she is borne as a girl child and there is a boy already there who deserves more attention as per social norms.
The second stanza provides a good continuity to the narration where Minnie, the character of the poem is in her youthful years. By the line "Wedding bells and diamond ring" it is intended that a girl in her nubile age can be of very romantic and contemplative about the beauties of everything. She dreams of love, romance, and an understanding life partner. The beautiful days, she dreamt of are not so long lasting for her. After marriage she hears from everybody that she has grown up to a "wise woman" and she should make adjustments with her husband, with the in-laws and with every situation. The line "Prudent Woman, respect man" is intended to the voice of the society which clearly speaks of male dominance and their presence at the helm of affairs. The allusion of male chauvinism can be very well deciphered from the above line.
The third stanza typically describes the plight of woman particularly during her old age. Minnie is now completely alone. She has her children but has been deserted by all. Though she has poured her love, affection to all members of her family but those are hardly remembered by them. A widow who has not learned to face the challenges of the outer world often cries in the lone life. But what she can do except accepting the situation as they are and making compromises.
The poem reiterates the prevalence of gender discrimination in the contemporary society, where woman has to take a backseat in the social hierarchy. Least importance is being given to their cause and comfort. Throughout their life they suffer by adjusting to the adverse situations.
A Short Story:
Independence Day
It was an early awakening for Zayed. He sat and looked at his Grandpa's photograph. Usually, he wakes at six (of course after Mama's yelling), keeps his bedding and sleeping mat in proper place, brushes in few seconds and goes out to bring a pouch of milk. Everyday Zayed used to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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