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How the theme of servant and master in the Tempest is connected to the scenic progression - Essay Example

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In 'The Tempest' Shakespeare establishes the stereotypes f the colonizer and the colonized. Characters that come across, as the colonizers are Miranda, Prospero, Stephano and Trinculo. Caliban is made out to be the colonized native. However Shakespeare does not allow characters to fit neatly into one stereotype…
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How the theme of servant and master in the Tempest is connected to the scenic progression
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Extract of sample "How the theme of servant and master in the Tempest is connected to the scenic progression"

Download file to see previous pages ..' however further on lines 348 and 349 we learn that Caliban tried to rape Miranda and was not sorry for it. He wished he could have succeeded as he says, 'Thou didst prevent me - I had peopled else/This isle with Calibans.' This seems to be the reason for Prospero treating Caliban this way and shows Calibans savage, vindictive nature.
This quote shows they have exploited him by making him work for them and treating him as an inferior by relating him to an animal by calling him names such as 'tortoise'. However Prospero also says, 'we cannot miss him' which shows how Prospero and Miranda rely on him and should treat him with a little bit more respect.
Other ways in which we see Prospero as the colonizer are he forced Caliban to learn his language and Miranda calls Calibans language 'gabble'. He also insults Calibans mother and refers to Calibans race as 'vile'. This is how colonizers would have behaved. They would see their race as far superior.
Prospero is also viewed as a colonizer because he uses force to control Caliban. He says, '...I'll rack thee with old cramps/Fill all thy bones with aches, make thee roar...' This shows that if Caliban is not willing to obey and do things for Prospero he will make him do it by inflicting pain upon him. This is how some f the colonizers would have behaved because they wanted control.
This shows Caliban is paying fo...
This is how some f the colonizers would have behaved because they wanted control.
We see Caliban as the colonized native because he was stupid enough to show Prospero all the resources f the island and then he lost his island to Prospero. Caliban tells us this by saying,
'...And then I loved thee
And showed thee all the qualities o' the 'sle,
The fresh springs, brine-pits, barren place...
Cursed be I that did so!...'
This shows Caliban is paying for his actions and wishes he had never have shown Prospero the good qualities f the island. This mirrors how the natives behaved. They genuinely welcomed the colonizers and treated them well. Again in Act 2 Scene 2 Caliban the same mistake again when he says to Stephano, ' I'll show thee every fertile inch o' th'island. And I will/kiss thy foot - I prithee be my god.' Here we can see that Caliban is making the same mistake again which leads us to believe he really is dumb and fits into the category f the stereotypical native. However here Caliban can be seen as quite intelligent as he sees Stephano as a softer master and an easier way to eventually be free. We know this because Caliban sings,
'No more dams I'll make for fish,
Nor fetch in firing
At requiring,
Nor scrape trenchering, nor wash dish,
....Has a new master-get a new man.
Freedom, high-day, high-day freedom'
Although Caliban appears to be smart here he says in his song he will no longer have to do these tough tasks Prospero makes him do even though he promised to do them for Stephano. When Prospero first came to the island he was nice to Caliban they way Stephano is being but that could change when Caliban does not do what he promised and Stephano could end up being a harder master.
Evidence that Caliban was colonised by Prospero is that he is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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