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In a reflective analysis of the character Ariel in the play The Tempest, one realizes that this fictional creature is under the magic enchantment of the magician Prospero and his role as “an airy spirit” has a great significance in the overall development of the play…
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Airel in the Tempest
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Ariel in the Tempest In a reflective analysis of the character Ariel in the play The Tempest, one realizes that this fictional creature is under the magic enchantment of the magician Prospero and his role as “an airy spirit” has a great significance in the overall development of the play. Ariel’s relationship to Prospero is also important in the general progress of the plot and it was Prospero who rescued him from the imprisonment of the witch Sycorax. From the time of his rescue from the spell of Sycorax, Ariel was in the service of Prospero who always swears that he would soon grant Ariel his freedom. Most often, Prospero reminds Ariel about how he was trapped when he was the servant of Sycorax and, in Act 1: Scene 2, Prospero explains how Ariel suffered at the hands of his former master. It is also fundamental to realize that, as Prospero suggests, it was Ariel who often called himself as the slave of Prospero, and therefore the relationship between Prospero and Ariel is that of a master-slave relationship. Similarly, it is also lucid to the careful reader of the play that Ariel respected and obeyed Prospero more earnestly than Sycorax who had imprisoned him for refusing to accomplish her ‘earthy and abhorr’d commands’. Ariel obeyed every command by Prospero, unlike the commands by the wicked sorceress, and he played a major role in carrying out the schemes of Prospero to revenge his enemies. Therefore, a careful understanding of the character Ariel in the play The Tempest confirms that his role as “an airy spirit”, along with his relationship to Prospero, contributes greatly to the overall development of the play.
It is fundamental to realize that the character Ariel in the play The Tempest plays an important role as “an airy spirit” who is at the service of Prospero, the chief organizer of the actions in the play. Ariel is a spirit of the air and Prospero makes use of the service of this ‘airy spirit’ to carry out his plans and schemes. Thus, we realize that it is Ariel, at Prospero’s command, who stirs up the tempest in the beginning of the play and the tempest stirred up by this ‘airy spirit’ strands Alonso and his followers on the island. The important role of Ariel becomes obvious when we relate the very title of the play, i.e. The Tempest, to the source of this tempest, i.e. the ‘airy spirit’. Similarly, in another important scene, Ariel beguiles Alonso’s son, at the instructions by his master, and it is a crucial turning in the plot of Prospero. Therefore, the visible and invisible role of Ariel is evident all through the play and it is incontestable that Ariel’s role in the play makes an important contribution to the overall development of the play, as well as the effective execution of Prospero’s strategies.
Similarly, the relationship between Ariel and Prospero has a great role in the overall development of the play and Ariel makes an essential service as Prospero’s spirit servant. In a comparison of Caliban’s relationship with Prospero, the relevance of the relationship between Ariel and Prospero becomes evident. It is a warm and loving relationship and Ariel is constantly at the service of Prospero, whenever he is in need. Although Ariel always longs for his liberty from the service of Prospero, he never hesitates to render his service to his master wholeheartedly. In conclusion, a careful reader of the play The Tempest realizes that the character Ariel, with his role as “an airy spirit” and his relationship to Prospero, makes an essential contribution to the overall development of the play. Read More
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Airel in the Tempest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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