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Appropriate procedures for terminating a teacher, suspending or expelling a student, and administering corporal punishment - Essay Example

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An educational institution houses various personalities interacting hence they can be subjected to personality and interest conflicts. Therefore it can also become a common ground for conflict especially that student suspensions are used to manage student's misbehavior…
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Appropriate procedures for terminating a teacher, suspending or expelling a student, and administering corporal punishment
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Extract of sample "Appropriate procedures for terminating a teacher, suspending or expelling a student, and administering corporal punishment"

Download file to see previous pages For that reason, it is very important that one understands the appropriate procedures in dealing people's concerns within an educational institution. This may as well stresses ones rights towards just and fair judgment in every situation.
A certain disciplinary procedure is used in dealing with teachers cases to ensure that should a particular teacher is alleged for any form of misconduct, he may receive fair and consistent judgment. The current law allows termination of teaching contract due to immorality or inefficiency. It also emphasizes that a certain due-process must be complied in terminating teachers (Ohio Legislative Service Commission, 1997). First and foremost, the teacher's employment record should be considered. Hence preliminary investigation should be done. The booklet "Pastoral Care in Schools: Child Protection, which provides supplementary advices and invokes disciplinary procedures when necessary, should be consulted whenever the issues are related to child protection (, 2008).
Once investigation is completed, the Disciplinary Authority will decide on the appropriate action. Should it be decided that the case invokes formal procedure; the Disciplinary Authority has to ask for advice from the Employing Authority. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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