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Iran's nuclear possession - Essay Example

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Considering the ltest Irnin nucler developments, one might question whether study now on how best to restrin Tehrn is simply one tht's come too lte. To be sure, estimtes vry s to when Irn could build its first bomb. In either cse, though, the die seems cst: If Irn wnts, it hs ll tht it needs eventully to build bomb on its own…
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Irans nuclear possession
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Download file to see previous pages rguments "for" nd "ginst" Irn's power to use nucler wepon re provided s well s conclusions bout the issue given in the end of the pper.
Irn is the poster-child for the nexus of terrorism nd WMD. It is the world's foremost stte-sponsor of terrorism, s well s one of the countries most ctively pursuing nucler wepons. Wshington is vigilnt bout Irn's support for network of Islmist terrorist orgniztions nd persistent in pressing Irn to end its finncil, politicl, mteril, nd opertionl support to them.
Recently, Bush nd the Pentgon hve clled Irn "rogue ntion" ( Third World stte tht possesses wepons of mss destruction nd sponsors terrorism). Irn is depicted s sort of regime, supposedly pursuing nucler, chemicl nd biologicl wepons cpbility nd missile delivery systems, tht justifies the building of missile defences. Like North Kore, the Pentgon in fct needs Irn to ct "s the bd guy" nd hs little interest right now in ltering its "behviour".
Current president of Irn, Mhmoud hmdinejd, ws not much better known when he entered the presidentil election cmpign, lthough he hd lredy mde his mrk s Tehrn myor for rowing bck on erlier reforms. Since his election he hs tken tough stnd on number of foreign policy mtters, in line with his hrd-line bckground. His comments tht Isrel should be "wiped off the mp" nd tht the Holocust ws "myth" drew widespred condemntion from the West. However, to proceed with tht gol, president needs tobe empowered to ct nd mke decisions, which in Irn is n unlimited option since Irn's Islmic constitution provides n extrordinry concentrtion of executive power not in the hnds of the elected president but in those of the Supreme Leder, or vli-ye fqih, ppointed by council of clerics dominted by hrd-liners. In fct, the Irnin president wields less rel power thn perhps ny other elected chief executive in the world. This new constitution defines the Islmic Republic s new kind of stte, one ruled by qulified Islmic jurists until the missing Twelfth Imm, the lst rightful ruler who disppered in 941, mkes his nticipted return to erth to usher in the ge of perfect justice.
rguments ginst Irn obtining nucler power
Militnt Islm is tody's engine of interntionl terror. Islmist schools breed new militnt genertion, Islmist sermons mobilize opinion ginst the free world, Islmist ideology legitimizes recourse to terror nd Islmist "chrities" bnkroll the globl network of terror. While most Muslim sttes re wre of this thret to the world nd their own stbility, there is one tht is ctully governed by Islmists: The Islmic Republic of Irn.
Therefore, the principl component of the wr ginst terrorism should be the wr ginst mitnt Islm, which over the lst 20 decdes hs been inspired, nurtured, nd funded by the Islmic Government of Irn. The demise of the clericl regime in Irn would go long wy in "drining the swmp" of militncy nd rdiclism in the broder Muslim world with enormous geopoliticl consequences for U.S. ntionl security interests. Therefore, the permnent success of this cmpign rests on regime chnge in Irn.
In short, the United Sttes fces ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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