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It is a broad topic covering a wide spectrum of contexts, activities, social and cultural conventions and involves institutions in terms of their outlook, perspectives and new paradigms required to shape our present to be prepared for the forthcoming events ahead in life.
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Curriculum for Secondary Schools
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Preparing Our Schools for Tomorrow's World It is a broad topic covering a wide spectrum of contexts, activities, social and cultural conventions and involves institutions in terms of their outlook, perspectives and new paradigms required to shape our present to be prepared for the forthcoming events ahead in life.
The topic encompass, critical thinking with a futuristic and wide thoughtful perspective, development of curriculum which can prepare the schools right from the beginning and provide a vision to march ahead to meet the goals and set objectives, planning activities that enhance decision making skills with rapid and accurate decision, assessment of education, its history and changes that are required to set the new trends. It also emphasize on the facts of interdisciplinary approach, learning through activities literature reviews and development of models, ethical expansion, forecasts, role playing, secondary education, skill development, social change, social studies, student development, values. It is imperative to define the futuristic view to deal with the global economy (Walker).
The programme must enhance the development of a curriculum that enables the followers to become better decision makers in any kind of situation including the situation of crisis. The schedule encompasses, sex education, drug education, environment education, social acceptance, technological implications, to develop an understanding for consequences of the decision, a total amalgamation of intellectual, moral/ ethical and progressive outlook (Iozzi, 1978).
1. Iozzi, Louis, A., Cheu, Janey. 1978. Preparing for Tomorrow's World: An alternative Curriculum Model for the Secondary Schools.
2. Walker, T, Preparing Our Schools for Tomorrow's World. Read More
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