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Luckier Than Stars - Essay Example

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Luckier Than Stars Students are scared to death. Most particularly of their own innate selves. Afraid, terrified in fact, to bring out what experiences come out at the end of their pen. Yet however, when they breathe in the ready stillness, mysteries await them of a vivacious nature, astonishing truths that compliment England’s queen in their likeness, delights that are unplanned, especially by the school-system…
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Luckier Than Stars
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Luckier Than Stars

Download file to see previous pages... They hope that teaching a wide array of literary genre will do the trick, simply willing that students will find for what it is they’re looking. But what a joke! It is not this which tickles the inner pendulum. There is something powerful about language. It battles that fear. Pick a book up that speaks about theory and one effaces that internal environment battle of not being able to use the pen. Here one’s spirit can move forth freely. Whittier’s (n.d., p. 151) The Wife of Manoah To Her Husband portrays a mental breakthrough of the internal critic: “I bowed my face, in awe and fear . . . On the dear child . . . Oh God! I said, THY WILL BE DONE!” Undoubtedly the author attains a conclusion about theory. Because writers of creativity are continually using an attractive mix of an ingenuous dance, a dance between “the rational and intuitive” (Hanlon n.d.) right and left hemispheres of the mind. Whittier’s theory in the poem is of a supreme being’s dominance. Humans have all kinds of theories, all of them spiked with a bit of creativity’s work. There is one for washing, “I’ve never washed my shadow out . . . And stuck it in the washtub . . . I put it in soap and bleach and stuff. . . ” (Silverstein 1974, p. 113). All of writing merely serves as a process of transmission. In a similar way that neurotransmitters in the human mind play across the lines of a back and forth running practice, the conscious mind constantly seeks out old connections, so as to spawn new ones to grow. Metaphorically, the mind builds an incredible structure, more powerful and awe-inspiring than architects could ever dream of designing. Schema theory marks the ways in which schools struggle to accommodate this unique oddity of the human mind. Yet the concept maps, the chalkboard discussions in which all students bring together their personal emotions and background knowledge about a particular subject matter, has a greater purpose at work than simply informational storage. The absence of this purpose generates most educational detriment. Rosenblatt verifies: “The text has the potential to evoke meaning but has no meaning itself; meaning is not a characteristic of texts” (cited in the University of California n.d.). A relationship is at work between the material and the reader. A reader needs to breathe, needs to believe. Schema theory represents units of connection in the way the mind works, but those who truly understand it know that it is a more an expression of self, like adding wildflowers to a growing vase: ~ ’Magine ’Dat ~ I used to call my uncle ‘Jet,’ For he was Jeff, my aunt said. The door to his room ‘locked,’ Inviting me to ‘bang,’ ‘bang,’ it. Walking up on Sesame Street. Ernie was telling me stories, But I confused them with reality. This pretty orange person knew Cookie Monster caused cookie crumbles, Since his blue form was related, As I saw him with those yummies. So I saw myself with my nickname. For Jet called me ‘Cookie.’ Growing up didn’t seem difficult, Even though adults told woes, Because life was so exciting. ’Magine ’dat, said I with candor, So many wonderful things I Couldn’t stop my puzzlement, From questioning my mom’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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