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Promotion - Essay Example

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To date, I am serving the military as a logistical specialist deployed in Iraq. Upon the end of my military service, I intend to run my own trucking company or start a United Parcel Service (UPS) franchise.
Like most recognized businessmen, I believe that it would be critical for me to make a name in the market by launching an effective personal promotions program…
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Extract of sample "Promotion"

Promotions To I am serving the military as a logistical specialist deployed in Iraq. Upon the end of my militaryservice, I intend to run my own trucking company or start a United Parcel Service (UPS) franchise.
Like most recognized businessmen, I believe that it would be critical for me to make a name in the market by launching an effective personal promotions program. The primary aim of this self-promotions program is to make myself known as a reliable entrepreneur and business leader who is highly capable of managing a company that has an excellent track record for delivering high quality services. This would be achieved by establishing good business and social relations with fellow businessmen and the entire community as well.
To achieve my long-term goal, I believe that the initial step to my self-promotion is to pursue further studies. In this regard, I may complete a Master's degree in business or enroll in academic programs particularly for entrepreneurs. I reckon that this is necessary to enhance my entrepreneurial skills and hone my business acumen.
Entering a business school will be a critical avenue for my self-promotions program. In an academic institution, I will be able to establish my network with other business people and aspiring entrepreneurs. While attending school, I will develop good rapport with my colleagues so I could impart to them my future plans.
Furthermore, I would join business-related organizations within the immediate vicinity of the proposed location of my business. This will be a straightforward approach considering the existence of numerous community-based organizations in our locality. This undertaking will enable me to meet more business people and widen my connection. Affiliation with a prestigious business organization enhances my brand equity as the public's perception of my image is improved. As a member, I would actively participate in the organizational programs and if possible even endeavor to become a key officer.
Apart from these, I will also spearhead some worthwhile community activities so as to endear me to my target market comprising of community residents. I think that my military background would work to my advantage since this appeals to the patriotic sentiments of the people. With a disciplined and dependable military man, who has faithfully served his country at the helm, one will hardly hesitate to participate in activities with the humane purpose of raising funds for aiding the poor or making improvements for the community facilities among others.
In view of the above, I believe that I can efficiently launch my promotional campaign without sounding pompous. The good image which I will establish with my colleagues and people in the local community would positively affect my business plan. With this program, I can gain people's trust such that they would believe their packages and other valuables are in good hands should they avail of the trucking or logistic services provided by my company.
It is also critical to note that these undertakings may entail cost such as expenses for enrolment and membership fees among others. However, I consider these expenses as the cost of investment, i.e. this is the required outflow in order to obtain greater future inflows. Read More
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Promotion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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