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Private Security Companies of Hostile Countries - Coursework Example

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This paper examines the role of private security companies in hostile countries like Iraq and the challenges faced by them in recruiting and selecting the personnel for static and mobile security operations. As the coalition forces are engaged in combat and insurgency operations, the intelligence network and the coordination between government and private security is examined…
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Private Security Companies of Hostile Countries
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Extract of sample "Private Security Companies of Hostile Countries"

Download file to see previous pages Though overall security responsibility of people is taken up by occupying forces, the militants target the private and government organisations that help in development of infrastructure and organisations that help in economic development. Thus they try to distort the development activities that help in rebuilding the country. The important objectives of the expatriate security companies are to offer training for local police and to give security for private and governmental organisations as the police and military forces in Iraq are not in adequate number to protect them. Even the international organisations like UN offices that are helping in rebuilding of Iraq, voluntary organisations and MNC companies need security from the militants. To meet the above-mentioned requirements, the expatriate security companies have to train local police and maintain security personnel for the protection of private as well as government and international facilities. The important issue is about recruiting personnel that can provide security to the organisations, who are clients of the security companies. The recruitment will be of two types. Recruiting expatriates (westerners) and recruiting local people. However, both the above options have their own drawbacks. The recruitment of westerners costs more for the company but assures efficient services. In the contrast, the recruitment of the locals may result in less expenditure for the company regarding salaries but may not result in adequate security as the locals are more prone to the relations with militants as well as they are more familiar with the surroundings. Consequently, the recruitment of locals in to the security companies in countries like Iraq and their reliability in security operations is the point of discussion in this paper. Hence, the recruitment of expatriates comes to the fore when the security companies find that there are no sufficient locals fit for the security operations.
Research Hypothesis: Do expatriates can fill the security vacuum in countries like Iraq by recruiting local personnel Do the training given by the companies to local police is enough in providing the much needed security to people, organisations and the companies in countries like Iraq
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