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History of Crime and Computer Crime. Traditional Problems. Recognizing and Defining Computer Crimes/ Contemporary Crimes/ Categorizing Computer Crime - Assignment Example

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Almost everything is then dependent upon computer and computer software. The immense growth of the computer use and utilization in all sphere of the world have led to the eruption of…
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Extract of sample "History of Crime and Computer Crime. Traditional Problems. Recognizing and Defining Computer Crimes/ Contemporary Crimes/ Categorizing Computer Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Such acts are at the verge of creating tensions in many countries, leading to insecurity. The advent of computers has led to a rampant evolvement of cybercrimes.
There does exist at least four classifications of computer crimes. The computer can be the crime target, in that there is data alteration hence it cannot provide the expected service. The information in the computer is attacked, hence interrupting all the operations. Secondly, the computer can be an instrument in crime. In such a case, one uses a computer to participate in a crime. The crime is mostly common especially to people who utilize illegal means to solicit funds. On the other hand, the prevalence of computers can be associated with crimes. Such crimes may include counterfeiting of the software and theft. Lastly, computer can remain an incidental substance in crime proceedings. It can act as a facilitator. An example in such a case is Child Pornography (Carucci, Overhuls, and Soares, pg. 388).
In essence, privacy of information remains a critical component in every organization. However, the invention of the computers has posed great risks to the information, and most firms have to remain on watch at tall times to prevent any imposter who may be at the verge of interfering with their privacy. It is worth noting that most companies are opting to heighten their web security to secure information.
Computer viruses, Trojan horses and malwares are dangerous programs designed with the ultimate goal of damaging the computer system. Virus has had devastating impacts on the information stored in the computers, causing unexpected disruptions in the flow of activities. They have made many firms incur huge losses of billions of dollars due to information loss. Viruses tend to pass from one computer to another. They can be likened to biological viruses. The agents of destruction target the hardware. The victim creating such a virus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History of Crime and Computer Crime. Traditional Problems. Recognizing Assignment - 1.
“History of Crime and Computer Crime. Traditional Problems. Recognizing Assignment - 1”, n.d.
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