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Cybercrimes - Research Paper Example

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A Cyber crime is the illegal activities such as credit card fraud, software piracy, among others that are carried out over the internet to offend people’s senses or even evade privacy. Broadhust and Grabosky (2005) in their book defined cyber crime as a “specific category of…
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Download file to see previous pages 9). Balkin and Information Society Project (2007) in their book wrote that “cyber crime has the basic characteristics of traditional crime, but it is not territorially based” (p. 218). Unlike crime, cyber crime can easily transcend to national boundaries. The laws governing cyber crimes in several countries are unenforceable due to the lack of a means of protection that businesses and governments are able to rely on, in place they have relied on technical measures to protect themselves from those criminals who would deny access of specific information, steal or even destroy information that is valuable.
Cyber crimes come in three categories: cyber crimes against a person, property or a government. Cyber crimes committed against a person include crimes like harassing an individual via email, posting, distributing or disseminating materials such as pornography, and having indecent exposure. This type of crime possesses a serious threat to the younger generation and may cause scars that are irreparable to the young if it is not prevented. While crimes such as vandalism of computers and transmission of programs that are harmful like viruses, fall under cyber crimes against property. Cyber crimes against properties often take place in organizations. For instance, an engineering company may decide to steal another company’s database by using a spy. The other is the cyber crimes against governments come about when an individual or even a group for people threatens international government by terrorist its citizens. An example of his type of crime is when an individual cracks a website containing important government information. Cracking is also a cyber crime that has become common; it gives a person a dreadful feeling knowing that someone broke into your computer without the owner’s knowledge.
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