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Piano Sonata in D Major - Essay Example

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The piano Sonata belongs to a group o five sonatas that were composed by Mozart in Munich at the beginning of 1775. This sonata was written when Mozart was 19 years old and during the peak of his musical career. Named as the "Durnitz Sonata" for differentiation from the two later sonatas written in the same key, it was commissioned by Baron Thaddaus von Durnitz, himself an amateur musician…
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Piano Sonata in D Major
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Extract of sample "Piano Sonata in D Major"

Download file to see previous pages I have chosen to evaluate the different musical elements embedded in this composition because I have always been an admirer of Mozart. Since this composition is considered one of his best works, I find it very interesting and analyzing it is something that I will enjoy.
The sonata was divided into 3 distinct movements. Each movement possessed different elements of music such as rhythm and melody, color and texture, and form and harmony. However, it should be noted that these differences only highlights the musical and aesthetic value of the piece.
The first movement allegro, meaning fast, is written in a strict sonata form. The sonata form is founded around 1770 and eventually became popular and widely utilized in musical composition during the turn of the 19th century. The beginning movement is divided into 3 sections: the exposition; the development; and the recap. In the exposition, Mozart introduces the first and secondary theme which is also known as the main melody. Next, the development section in which the material presented in the exposition is expanded. In this section, remote chords are introduced. Finally, the movement ends with the recapitulation. The material used in the exposition was re-stated in the home key of the piece following an ABA form.
The fir The first movement also portrays a thick orchestral texture. Mozart used double thirds, remarkable scales and tremolos to create beautiful melodic line which is sometimes located in the left hand. The left hand octaves resemble the effect of woodwinds, violins, and the vigorous bowing of the celli and double-basses resulting to create an orchestral effect. Though having a thick orchestral texture, Mozart was still able to control and maintain the serenity and elegance of the music which best characterized his musical style.
The Second Movement
The following movement, a Rondeau en Polonaise in Andante (meaning slow in tempo), is an elegant structure whose lively thematic melody is embellished every time it returns. In this movement, Mozart used a Polonaise as another material for his composition in which during his time resembles a stately procession.
The Third Movement
The concluding movement, Tema con variazioni(Theme and Variations) is regarded as one of the finest compositions of Mozart in this genre. The theme was modified in to twelve remarkable variations. Although Mozart altered the theme, he maintained that the thematic idea would still be present and aurally recognizable. The underlying accompaniment of the left hand followed the traces of harmonic progressions stated in the original theme. The emergence of dissonances in each variation which somehow created a new harmony made it quite different.
Each of the twelve variations that he wrote based on the original theme can be considered as a best reference for composers and arrangers. The variations exploit a lot of musical and technical devises such as virtuosic runs, crossing of hands, octave doubling and the use of parallel minor key in variation 7, remarkable alberti base and many more. The aria like penultimate variation is the most interesting among the twelve variat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Piano Sonata in D Major Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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