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11 was composed by Mozart in 1783. It is a sonata with three movements. Piano is the only musical instrument that is used in this piece. All the movements are in the Key of A. The last movement, Turkish March, is based on the music of Turkish Janissary…
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Music Comparison Matrix
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of Phoenix Material Music Comparison Matrix Use the Music Comparison Matrix to complete the Week Two individual assignment. The table cells below expand as you enter text.
Refer to the syllabus for additional assignment details.
Classical Musical Selection
Non-Classical Musical Selection
Title of each selection
Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K 331
Take Five
Description of each selection
Piano Sonata No. 11 was composed by Mozart in 1783. It is a sonata with three movements. Piano is the only musical instrument that is used in this piece. All the movements are in the Key of A. The last movement, Turkish March, is based on the music of Turkish Janissary bands.
Take Five is a jazz composition by Paul Desmond and performed by Dave Brubeck in 1959. It is a relatively famous jazz piece, usually used in soundtracks for radio, TV and movies. It is also heavily covered. It reached #5 in Billboard.
Comparison of the six basic elements of music in each musical selection:
1. Sound
2. Rhythm
3. Melody
4. Harmony
5. Tonality
6. Texture
1. Sound was produced by piano. Intensity varies throughout the sonata. Duration was 4:46. Tone color is limited since piano is the only musical instrument being used. The sound is generally light.
2. Rhythm changes throughout the sonata. The tempo is sometimes slow, but it is generally fast because of the usage of sixteenth notes (Allegretto). The time signature is 2/4 There are several accents and the piece is heavily syncopated.
3. The range for the sonata is narrow. Because it is heavily syncopated, the melody is snappy, often staccato.
4. The sonata has few dissonances. The chords flow smoothly. It also has arpeggios
5. The piece is homotonal (Key of A).
6. The texture is homophonic.
1. Sound was produced by many instruments: Saxophone, piano, drums and bass. The intensity varies, usually dependent on the saxophone and trumpet. Range is not very wide, except for the trumpet. Tone color is rich, but dark because of the use of low notes. It is cool too. The duration is 5:28. Intensity varies throughout the piece, usually gets softer at when it is time to introduce another instrument.
2. The song is very rhythmic. The rhythm is steadily provided by the piano, which is different since most pieces usually depend on drums for rhythm. The drums became the main instrument in this piece starting at the 2 minute mark. The time signature for this piece is 5/4, which has 90 beats per minute. The measure has five beats and the quarter note represents one beat.
3. The melody is very catchy. The melody is vary obvious at the start of the piece and it maintains it throughout the piece. It is not dynamic. The range is narrow for the piano and drums. For the trumpet and saxophone, the range is quite wide. The chords flow smoothly, it is consonant. The song is heavily sequenced. The theme is evident throughout the whole song.
4. The harmony is very consonant. The chords flow smoothly, following the 2 beats-then-3 beats in a measure.
5. The piece is homotonal (E flat minor).
6. The texture of the piece is polyphonic.
How the six basic elements of music contribute to the different musical styles of the selection
The elements of music provide various facets of the sonata to the listener. It is Allegretto, and it’s upbeat tempo gave the classical music a bit of a difference because it is martial, which is uncommon for sonatas. Even if it is not as dynamic because the range is not as wide, it is still quite exciting because of the staccatos which provide exciting surprises. The arpeggios also accomplish the same function. And even though there are dissonances, it gets resolved by consonances.

The major difference of this musical piece is the time signature. It is rare for musicians to adhere to the 5/4 time signature. Even if it has a lot of notes per measure, the resulting sound is not rushed, as compared to others with lots of notes that result to havinga higher tempo (because of the use of sixteenth notes). The song is smooth, very consonant. The melody also took part in the consonance because the lack of range made it less dynamic, meaning it is smoother in nature, less chances of having dissonances. The polyphonic texture also makes this piece different because it offers the auditory senses different sounds that can capture one’s attention.
The different emotional effects each musical selection might have on audience members
The piece is upbeat and light, and it is generally happy. Listeners are wont to feel the same too.
The piece is very rhythmic and the beat is very stable, one can actually meditate to it. It is very relaxing. The song is not dynamic, but the drums at the start of the two minute mark provide interesting contrast to the piano and trumpet that opened the song. The song does not rely on the speed but on the contrasts the drum kit provides, along with the brass instruments and the piano. It is also very catchy.
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Mozart, W.A. (Composer). (2011). Rondo [Sheet music]. Retrieved from: Read More
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