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Freud's most important contribution to study of personality is introduction of new dynamic psychology from which psychoanalysis has developed. This is important since this provides a plausible explanation of psychoneurosis within the framework of personalities…
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Just Questions
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"Just Questions"

Download file to see previous pages Most psychoneuroses are dependent on the failure of the personality to a find an adequate solution of this conflict, and the compromise that the person reaches is not satisfactory to him. The basal or primary dispositions develop in the childhood, and they determine the future psychic development. Therefore, the personality and its forms are actually determined by the childhood development in terms of Sex and Ego, which may distinguish between different personalities. This, therefore may serve as a key to knowing these personalities.
Adler's style of life theory contends that the determining factors that mould human behaviour and development and hence personality are to gain power and ascendency against the environment. This means, in human personality, the conduct is determined by a final purpose. A person's styles of life or temperamental factors determine his behaviour. According to his theory, the style of life is an affective and cognitive representation of the existential problems that any person desired to resolve. Thus this reflects the person's reactions to his perceptions about reality and the reactions that demonstrate in the ways of coping with it. This is a manifestation of cultural adaptation through the interaction between the person and the reality. Functionally, these may be equivalent to the cognitive and psychological traits of the personality which is reflected upon the genetic inheritance.
Horney's construct of the "ty...
Give an example of this tyranny has affected someone's lifestyle.
Horney's construct of the "tyranny of should" are well depicted in the childhood development, which in future may lead to a neurotic personality. These develop early in the development through influences from temperament and environment. The child's personality and his degree of vitality and his nature and its quality may make a child rebellious or submissive under such pressures created by parental coercion. The tyranny is created by love and intimidation, tyranny, and glorification. These create the environment of the child, and their personality will be influenced by such relationships which may alter the environment from the normal of warmth, mutual respect and consideration. From the perspective the "tyranny of should" from the parents exerts pressure on the child even up to the extent that he may start feeling that his existence is dependent upon the parental wishes. The consequences are improper or incomplete development of self-respect. The personality may become insecure, apprehensive, isolated, and resentful. Although initially, helpless, gradually he starts coping and become manipulative. The case of a child who has a stubborn negativism and who expresses himself with temper tantrums may be considered. His coping mechanism is shutting himself from others, living in his own world, where he can resent and reject every demand made upon him by the "tyranny of should" and he makes inroads to isolation and privacy which might be the beginning of a neurosis.
Q4. Consider the frames of orientation presented by Fromm. Give a specific example of behavior which constitutes a healthy frame of orientation. Give specific example of behavior which constitutes an unhealthy frame of orientation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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