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Adult Developement - Essay Example

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Human development is an area in psychology that has been continuously explored.Various studies have attempted to determine the general pattern of growth of human beings. Moreover,these studies have attempted to describe the various stages of human life.
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Adult Developement
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Extract of sample "Adult Developement"

Download file to see previous pages Beginning with young adulthood and ending with the elderly stage of development, this paper will describe the various characteristics that define what each stage of development is. Furthermore, insights will likewise be given with regards to adulthood in different cultures. In certain ways, adulthood is relative to different cultural aspects. As such, it is essential to describe adulthood in different cultures so as to provide a clearer perspective on the development of adults not just in the United States but in the world as well.The early adulthood stage is typically defined as the period wherein a human being is between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. At this stage, people are in the process if building their foundation for the latter stages of their life. This includes the college years, the early years of employment, and marriage. Moreover, at this stage of development, the various aspects of development are entwined, which is the case with the other stages of development as well. More importantly, the choices and the events that occur in the life of a young adult have great influences in how he will progress with his development later on.During early adulthood, humans are at their prime physically. At this stage, they are the peak of their strength, energy, and endurance. Furthermore, young adults also find themselves at the peak of their sensory and motor functioning. ...
As such, the lifestyle of a young is highly relevant when considering his physical health. During this stage, the lifestyle of an individual usually includes smoking, alcohol, and in certain cases, substance or drug use. All these factors contribute to the health of young adults. A lifestyle with such elements not only leads to various health hazards during early adulthood, it also contributes to the premature deterioration of the health of young adults especially later on in their lives.
Cognitive Development
The cognitive abilities of young adults are often shaped by their experiences. A typical description of the cognitive characteristics of early adulthood is known as post formal thought. According to Papalia et al (2001), "It is generally applied to social situations and involves the ability to shift between abstract reasoning and practical consideration; awareness that problems can have multiple causes and solutions; pragmatism in choosing solutions; and awareness of inherent conflict." Moreover, young adults develop more flexibility and relativity in the manner by which they view the various issues that they deal with. They are no longer confined to black and white. Instead, they begin to see shades of gray which is an indication that they realize that there is always more than two sides to any story.
Psychosocial Development
During early adulthood, people enter into intimate relationships that may or may not lead to marriage. In cases where such relationships end up in marriage, the next concern would be parenthood. As such, young adults begin to consider more factors than those that solely concern themselves. In dealing with people, young adults have far more to consider than when they were younger. As previously mentioned, experience has a lot to do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adult Developement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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