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The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin - Essay Example

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The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin is a "series of 5 short stories and a fictional editorial introduction by Russian author Aleksandr Pushkin. The collection is opened with the editorial, in which Pushkin pretends to be the publisher of Belkin's tales…
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The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin
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Extract of sample "The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin"

Download file to see previous pages Composition of the narrative "Shot" belongs is very interesting and highly complicated by through its multilevel character that is created by means of several narrators usage and complexity of plot. On the top stage of compositional ladder is Pushkin by himself. ("A.P."), formally delivered the authorship to Belkin I.P. and accordingly turned himself into a publisher. We get to know about the late Belkin from the letter addressed to "A.P." written by Belkin's neighbor and elder friend who preferred to be nameless.
Content of all 5 stories was told to Belkin by witnesses of the events one way or the other related to those people who participated in narrated events. All suggested for the reader correlated straight out with the true life. From the other side the story content may be essentially revised as all in all it is narrated by the third persons. Still the less implication of author's presence in narration and hence the superior social reliability and realistic portrayal of life dominate possible inaccuracy of facts. In Pushkin's stories the system of relationship between narrators looks like a pyramid: Pushkin A.S.
Such a solution of composition and fixing up of imaginary authorship accounted for creation of multileveled text gives an opportunity to seize reality, to describe Russian folkway and to narrate about characters' destinies and being bent on more deeply and widely.
First-hand narrators are not pococurante of what they are telling about as all the occurred events could easily happen to any of socially close to them person: understrappers, philistines, officers, provincial ladies etc.
As a general rule the names of narrators and heros of stories, as well as the scene are not nominated. That is made in order to emphasize the breadth of narrative scene that expanded almost through all the Russian land.
The feature of artistic method is as follows: presumptive picture of reality is represented out of the ordinary events background. Moreover out of the ordinary events themselves obey the laws of everyday reality. So here we have specific time and extent features.
With an eye to understand in what way the narrator himself perceive people and events that he describes let us consider the correspondence of story and plot of the narrative "Shot" meaning that the story is a natural course of events and the plot is a course of their presentment.
We can see that both the story and the plot are distinctly divided in two pieces. These pieces are compositionally repeated. Graphically it is designated by two chapters division.
Artistic focuses of both chapters are represented by two duels that are symbolized by shots. Each chapter consists of three notional parts.
In first part it is narrated about Silvio and officers' ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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