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Grounds Maintenance Building - Essay Example

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The sustainability features are essential in the buildings for tomorrow and our college buildings cannot be an exception to it. As the major share of materials that have gone into the construction of the Ground maintenance building is concrete and steel and hence the embodied energy of the building would be very high…
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Grounds Maintenance Building
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Download file to see previous pages The building integrated photovoltaic is designed for easy integration into the building even after it is built (BIPV). Thus the building integrated photovoltaic could easily be used as the roof for the building besides acting as a mini power source for the same building unit. This would be adequate to meet its essential lighting and also the outside illumination needs. The modules are designed such that they are transparent and part of the natural light could also be easily transferred into the building. Structurally they are crystalline and micro perforated amorphous transparent modules (BIPV). Their ability to be fixed to both tile roof and flat roof could give them an ample scope for demonstration in the college campus. Also, using photovoltaic as the venation blinds is another area that could be explored in our settings. Though the systems demand high level of expertise and planning an excellent demonstration of this technology would help to realize how the past impact caused by the structural elements could be mitigated by saving the environment into future. And thus Ground Maintenance Building would stand as the icon of environmental sustainability in the college campus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Grounds Maintenance Building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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