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The accurate transmission of information all over a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals is called as communication. Organizational communication is the branch of communication which deals with the efficient transfer of knowledge in organizations…
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Communication in Organizations
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First Communication in Organizations The accurate transmission of information all over a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals is called as communication. Organizational communication is the branch of communication which deals with the efficient transfer of knowledge in organizations. Organizational communication consists of the given elements:
Control: Organizations have the authority hierarchies and certain formal guidelines that the workforce is bound to follow. This aspect of communication in organizations is that when the employees desire to communicate any complaints regarding their job to their immediate boss, such as problems in performing their job responsibilities, or in accepting certain company policies, communication performs the control function (Braithwaite 320).
Motivation: The structure of organizational goals, the feedback on the progress towards the attainment of these goals, and the fortification of the desired behavior all stimulates motivation and require communication.
Emotional expression: Many employees interact generally with their work groups. This communication that takes place within the work group is a major source for the members of the group for expressing certain feelings such as of frustration and satisfaction (Bobo 18).
Information: This information can be exchanged all the way through formal communication channels or informal communication channels. This function of communication in organizations enhances the process of decision-making (Robbins).
The communication process is explained by this figure also:
An example to illustrate the communication process in an organization is that the manager is the sender usually and the employees are the receivers or the decoders.
The changes that have affected communication in organizations
The new techniques of communication that have transformed communication methods today are electronic communication, International communication, and non-discriminatory communication.
Electronic Communication in the Business
Electronic Communication is a speedy and accurate transfer of information and cost efficient transfer services. Electronic databases and storage systems have significantly changed the process of gathering information for organizational purposes. Way that electronic communication has impacted writing in organizations is e-mail. Facsimile transmission is a more elegant form of electronic mail used in many businesses today (Munter). Televised pictures and interactive software on VDU's, maps, graphics, and circuits, Video conferencing, (LAN / WAN) fax, messaging systems, telex are example of electronic communications.
Face-to- Face Communication in organizations
Face-to-Face communication conveys the true reactions and responses of people who are communicating with each other. People get instant, on the spot response and feedback, which is essential for valuable communication in organizations.
An organization without communication can not continue to exist. It is the key to successful transfer of information between people working there. Hence the communication process-taking place in organizations must be in the most vivid form (Peterson 198).
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