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The new education style - Scholarship Essay Example

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a. The person you think you are comes from reflection and experience and may have nothing at all to do with what other people see or think. Only you can know what your experiences are and only you can decide who you are inside. The person that other people see is who you let them see…
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The new education style
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Download file to see previous pages b. The relationship between reflection and critical thinking is important. In fact critical thinking cannot take place without reflection. One must understand self and that around self in order to apply knowledge to critical thinking.
a. Previewing is an important exercise in learning. Instructors know that getting the student to read their textbook and preview essential materials will prepare them to be able to critically think and discuss during classroom, allowing for a better learning atmosphere. When you preview, you give your mind a general framework of main ideas and structure, you will be better able to comprehend when doing a thorough job of reading.
d. Reflection is how we retain the information that we have learned. By asking the student to do a reflective journal or write a reflective paper at the end of the course, helps them to be able to think about how the information that they have learned should be or could be used. This allows the student a better chance of retention of the information that has been learned.
Patricia Bizzell (2005), believes that first year students are entering, in a sense, a different world. There are many things that are different but suddenly the learning needs of this individual change rapidly. The student must learn, "the stances of fairness, objectivity, and formal courtesy that smooth the surface of academic disputation."(Bizzell, 2005). It is not known when they arrive, how they think, write, or what their ability with words is. It is not known whether they can articulate in such a way as needed to write an essay for example. This paper will review that thought
According to Patricia Bizzell, Mina Shaughnessy once said, "The rituals and ways of winning arguments in academia are sometimes difficult to learn" yet we have always expected that students must win their arguments in order to learn. Ms Bizzell believes that this clash in discourse, coupled with the clash that new students have with the forms necessary for their education process and the methods that they use when they arrive cause many of first year issues.
Clashing in ways of thinking becomes very important for the student must be able to critically think in order to work through many of the course needs in a University. Critical thinking is founded on reflection and most of these students, at least traditional students, have not had to critically think problems before. This immediately becomes a problem for them as they must move quicker through the curriculum than they are used to.
In conclusion, first year students are stressed for many reasons but some of those reasons are the changes in culture that cause a clash with previous experience. Helping the student learn to handle those issues will make a much more successful student.

Section D: Reading Comprehension and Critique
Question 8 b.
The author of this work believes that education in the past has been a situation of benign neglect and that philosophy is changing. The government has stepped up to influence that change. The author indicates to us that in the past adult education in the UK has been developed and taught as a literacy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The New Education Style Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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