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Teams - Essay Example

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To function effectively the Production Planner requires clear guidance in the dynamic and comprehensive procedures and processes that make up the role. At present within Waratah Engineering training of recruits takes a long amount of time, production is inconsistent, there has been no evaluation of existing risks, hazards and other on-the-job knowledge, high error rates, a lack of suitable documentation, and overall ineffective training and retention of new information…
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Extract of sample "Teams"

Download file to see previous pages A set of strategies perceived to be suited to rectifying the Team's collaboration and sense of belongingness will be presented. Finally, a conclusion shall synthesise the main points of this paper, and reiterate the support for a team-centred culture, represented by the procedural manual, as a solution to the current Team environment.
1) Value: Having the ability to work independently - this is a value inherent in the role of an 'independent worker'. The employee is able to organize themselves, set goals, manage time, maintain their progress and evaluate their outcomes. Being able to rely on their skills and knowledge to achieve a task, the independent worker is self-reliant and often takes the initiative. Furthermore, when entering into a group assignment, the independent worker brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and competencies that contribute to the development of the group. Such diversity cultivates empathy, tolerance for differences, and appreciation for another's point of view.
2) Value: Distributed Responsibility and Leadership - each member of the Team acknowledges their accountability for their decisions and actions, and accepts that a combination of leadership styles must be available to guide and monitor group development. This value includes the consensus that a Team member needs to act in a professional manner, and that this requires a commitment to the group assignment.
3) Value: Communication - to consider others in our interactions, by being open and sincere in or contributions and conferencing. Each member of the group is expected to support the group and interact with other members to plan, problem solve and discuss Team issues. Each person will be listened to and provided with the opportunity to speak freely of their issue or suggestion. Members are encouraged to express their reservations with the current procedures and processes, as this will enhance the accuracy and relevance of the manual, as well as encourage group members to form bonds of trust, support, consideration and overall coherence.
4) Behavior - Democratic Vote - A decision will be made by the majority. As such, all members will have the opportunity to voice their points of view, while at the same time being required to justify their position. Issues which require a vote must have all Team members present. However, if the decision made is later evaluated and found to be lacking in effectiveness it will be revised and modified.
5) Behavior: Motivation - The Team aims to encourage and support each member, as when asking them about their job and issues at work. As a group, solutions will be brainstormed so that it is not the independent worker with the sole responsibility for progressing toward set goals. The Operations Manager will also review Team Development and comment on goals and progress. At meetings, praise is given for achievements, both as a group, and as individuals contributing to the group.
Now to turn to the identified strengths and weaknesses of the Team's culture. Firstly, it is a strength that the Team decided upon a set of core ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teams Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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