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Agile Software Engineering - Research Paper Example

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The author of the current paper casts light upon the fact that within the last 50 years various software development methodologies have been developed to tackle and manage different challenges and problems that happen all through the software development…
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Agile Software Engineering
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Extract of sample "Agile Software Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the agile software engineering methodology has demonstrated to be an accepted addition to the software engineering toolbox, which is capable of considerable progress in excellence for small project development teams. This report presents a detailed analysis of the agile software engineering methodology. Also, this report will investigate various areas and concepts regarding agile software engineering methodology.
Levy & Hazzan (2009), state that agile methodologies have established great interest among researchers and practitioners. At present, there are various popular agile techniques, for instance, feature-driven development, crystal methods, adaptive software development, and dynamic systems development. The widespread standard that is fundamental to agile methods highlights supportive and cooperative software development. In addition, in agile software engineering methodologies, the main focus is on people as well as on the dynamics of their connections and communications, rather than on rigid software development and complicated requirements planning procedures. The main idea encouraged by the agile policy is that people, for instance, customers, software developers or other users outline the foundation of the software development procedure. Furthermore, the agile software engineering methodology was devised in 2001 by a leading software practitioners group of 17 people (Levy & Hazzan, 2009).
According to Abrahamsson, Salo, & Warsta (2002), agile software engineering is additional humanistic and collaborative technique to software engineering and is also acknowledged as “agile”, which supports “individuals and connections over procedures and tools, functioning software over extensive documentation, client collaboration in excess of agreement negotiation, and reacting to transformation over following a plan. In addition, all agile techniques encourage frequent rearrangement of development objectives with the requirements and prospect of the client. The evolutionary development of agile software engineering technique that holds constant client collaboration to support the manufacture of a progressively developing product (Abrahamsson, Salo, & Warsta, Agile Software Development Methods: Review and Analysis., 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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