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Software Engineering Techniques for Service-Based Development - Research Paper Example

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The author discusses the most popular software engineering techniques that have been used by the industry over past decades. With growing complexity and rise in the popularity of computers, software systems have grown to such an extent that programs can no longer be written by a single individual …
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Software Engineering Techniques for Service-Based Development
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Download file to see previous pages The primary objective of software engineering is to realize all the above-mentioned objectives by ensuring the delivery of qualitative software that conforms to all user requirements and which are developed on schedule within the allocated budget. Realizing this objective is not only dependent on improving quality of the final product, but also depends immensely on the nature of the entire process that is utilized in developing the software system (Bergenti, 2004).
Zualkernan (2008) defined the term ‘Software Engineering’ as the use and development of efficient engineering principles in order to develop reliable and economically feasible software systems that are capable of running properly on actual machines. Alternatively, Choren (2005) defined software engineering as the development of quality software through a well-defined process that is delivered within the constraints of budget and time while fulfilling all requirements specified by the end users. While the initial focus in software development was over quality considerations, the trend is now shifting gradually towards efficient maintenance and delivery within the budget owing to the rising costs of maintaining and upgrading software.
The evolution of software as an industry can be segregated into four main generations (1950 - 1965, 1965 - 1980, 1980 - 1985, 1985 - present) (Bergenti, 2004). With each generation, the complexity of software has increased tremendously while the size of hardware has reduced significantly in a similar fashion.
During the first two generations, software engineering practices were far from efficient due to a lack of proper standards. Increase in the creation and use of software against the lack of established frameworks degraded people’s confidence in the industry leading to an industry-wide crisis during the 1970s.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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