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Managing the software enterprise - Essay Example

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Managing the Software Enterprise Question 1 Explain in your own words what configuration management is and why it is needed. How can configuration management be used to help estimate project cost and duration?     Configuration management is the process of recognition, change control, controlled storage, and status reporting of chosen intermediate job products, components of the product, and products themselves for the period of life of a system…
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Managing the software enterprise
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Download file to see previous pages Certain kinds of special configuration management software are also available to do the task in a more effective manner. When a system require software or hardware upgrade, a computer technician can accesses the program of the configuration management and database to see what is presently installed. The technician can then create a more informed decision regarding the upgrade needed. The major benefit of application of a configuration management is that the whole collection of systems can be evaluated to ensure any modification made to one system do not negatively affect any of the other systems. Configuration management is used to help estimate project cost and duration. It provides cost estimating support for the period of the planning and design stages of projects for optimization of the design and studies of value engineering, risk assessment life-cycle and cost analyses. Question 2 is based on a case study of an ERP system that, unlike the ‘Cisco’ case study looked at in the previous TMAs, failed. a. This part of the question relates to the management of resources. (10 marks) Vicro communications is a global provider of products and services that enable industries to communicate through digital and print technologies. As a prominent dealer of document formatted information, data based marketing and print outsourcing, they manufactures and delivers business communication products, Vicro designs, services and solutions to consumers. This case study consists mainly of three resource areas that include technical, human and financial or timescale components. The company undertake over 100 distribution and manufacturing services. About 14,000 employees, spreading over serving 47 countries work for them. It gives a leading edge in IT systems and provides modern solutions that allow firms to adapt to the dynamics of change. “Vicro is a large company with approximately 2.45 billion in 1999 and 2.26 billion dollars in 2000 revenue” (Tingey, et al. 2003). The relation between BPR and ERP Vicro provides project management, consulting, distribution of high volume and reengineering, customized connections to its customers. It also delivers personalized, simple to read documents planned to help a positive idea on an organization’s clients. The company has become a market leader in organizing critical business communications. It facilitates products and services that contain statement, government noticing, cards, plan member communication, policy holder and database marketing. The main technologies used by the company include mainframe systems to store centralized production data and provide the core functions of the business and client server technologies for growth as well as handling routine daily tasks. These processes mainly include email, web access, file transfer etc. b. This question relates to risk management. (10 marks) i. Risks can be ranked, according to which these must be tackled first when resources are scarce. Generally, risks with high severity and high likelihood of frequent occurrence must be tackled first, and risks with low severity and low frequency need to be accorded lower priority. In this case study, the main risk is organizational risks, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing the Software Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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