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The European School of Business London is the oldest and the largest private business school and is certainly a great platform for learning and gaining knowledge. The school offers a range of management degrees, while also inculcating language studies in its curriculum, which is a unique feature.
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European School of Business London
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R.Preeti 28/4/2008 EBS LONDON The European School of Business London is the oldest and the largest private business school and is certainly a great platform for learning and gaining knowledge. The school offers a range of management degrees, while also inculcating language studies in its curriculum, which is a unique feature.
I believe that I have the potential to make use of the resources available and the expertise offered by your esteemed school. I have pursued my American High School Diploma from Institut auf dem Rosenberg, St. Gallen and have graduated form the European University, Munich in the academic years, 2004-2006.
In October 2007, I have worked as the Private Equity Advisor EBS, at Oestrich-Winkel and as the Estate Developer, with FH Kufstein. Besides this, I have also done my internships with Otto M. Schrder Bank AG, Lukas Bauprojekt GmbH and Aengevelt Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG. I have also worked as a Business Analyst, for Angermann M&A Int. GmbH. I am fluent with English, Spanish and Latin and love to play tennis, ski, travel, trade with stocks and derivatives in my free time.
Evidently, I have made use of every opportunity that ahs come my way, to make myself eligible for getting into your esteemed school. I have chosen the European School of Business, since I understand that it is the perfect place to study business. It has great international exposure, which is essential for students and budding entrepreneurs. The award-winning integrated courses are indeed courses that help students get into the real world of business. The importance attached to language skills has again made me feel t hat this si the place where I would like to study, since I have gained fluency in a few languages, as well.
Keeping in mind all of the above initiative in upgrading myself and on learning from every experience, I believe that I would definitely be the right candidate to be admitted to your esteemed Business School. I trust that I will be able to make the best use of the knowledge gained by studying at your esteemed college.
It has been my aim to study in the European Business School, London and I am certain I shall uphold the rules and regulations with utmost sincerity, persevere honestly and will also be a student to reckon with.
Therefore, I request you to please consider me to get admitted in your esteemed school.
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European School of Business London Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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