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Rhetorical Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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Two things come to mind when I read Lee Tonouchi's "Da State of Pidgin Address" (Tonouchi, 2002): hip-hop and Huckleberry Finn. And these two things, though a part of the pop culture now, were not a part of any half pop culture of their initial time. Or, at their revolutionary stage.
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Rhetorical Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages So many Pidgin pessimists," gives a lot of promise.
And he's not stopping, now or in the foreseeable future. "Can you come up wit one more positive way of looking at dis piece o'wot Try tink. Right on. Ho, you get 'em. Das how. We get ONE Pidgin optimist in da house" is as convincing as the essay itself those who will oppose the guy will have a difficult time.
"In da real world get planny Pidgin prejudice, ah. Dey, da ubiquitous dey, dey is everywea brah; dey say dat da perception is dat da standard english talker is going automatically be perceive fo' be mo' intelligent than da Pidgin talker regardless wot dey talking, jus from HOW dey talking," he complains as he spars biases. And one imagines a Huck, with slumped shoulders and head cast downward trying to avoid people at daylight, processing his thoughts in his own world dominated only by an African American slave Jim, and at times, by the more acceptable and lovable Tom Sawyer. It's kine lonely, if one sees through it, so much like the cause Pidgin Guerilla Tonouchi is fighting for.
Biases ran amuck in a global culture of majority rules as Tonouchi might strongly be shaking his head as he asserts that, "but I no need really look da studies, cuz I can see dis happening insai my classrooms"
"Oh Frazier, you're so smart. ...
He recalled the experience of his Oriental parents in the 50s to 60s, "If dey talked Pidgin in school den da teachah would slap 'em wit da ruler. Ka-pow. Ow, ow, ow" up to his generation, "You gotta enunciate and tell, "May I please use the restroom" And if you no tell 'em li'dat, den you gotta hold your shishi, brah."
He is standing up. "If I knew den wot I know now, HO, I would've SUED da DOE for da kine cruel and unusual punishment. Million dollah settlement right dea," and he depreciates in kine funny, if not yet hilarious manner.
He's shaking his head, "wuz equating talking Pidgin to smoking cigarettes cuz he gotta "cut back." If he talk too much Pidgin, den he going get Pidgin cancer and he going DIE, brah. Pua ting. Sad yeah, da tinking" but he's not giving up, nor going away and turn from his cause.
In fact, he is facing the challenge head on as he asked his class, "Try tell me all da tings dat people told you ova da years dat you CANNOT do wit Pidgin." And dis wot dey came up wit: Dey Say if You Talk Pidgin You No Can . . . be smart be important be successful be professional be taken seriously be one teacher be one doctor
be one lawyer be a government worker be big businessman be da Pope be the president be the wife of the president Dey say if you talk Pidgin you no can . . .
communicate eat at fine dining restaurants enter a beauty pageant (and win)" and the list is endless, but he is not stopping.
And he is proving the Pidgin detractors wrong. "but I tink so people jus find 'em funny cuz dey know lot of da tings on da list is not true. Bogus li'dat. Why Cuz dey
know Pidgin people who eat at fancy restaurants, cuz dey know Pidgin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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