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The eye scanned the whole area of California - Essay Example

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The eye scanned the whole area of California. It fixed its gaze on two curious areas in the map. It steadied itself, wanting to know more. For commuters, passing by this dusty highway, a casual glance at these two communities situated five miles apart will immediately make them jump into conclusions…
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The eye scanned the whole area of California
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Download file to see previous pages Taking a closer look, the observer began to notice something. It was odd yet very real. Both places if examined at a certain perspective become uncannily similar.
To start with, both have labels thrown at them. The enclave for the upper class people is called gated community while the ordinary is called non-gated community. At the start both communities were already type-casted into something that may or may not be true. There is already a sense of expectation for both communities to perform or behave in a certain way. And the outcomes are weighed using only pure presumptions. The first thing that the observer noticed was that residents in both places seldom interacted with each other. Two neighbors in the gated community went out to pick up the newspapers and did not bother to say good morning or hello. Compare that to two neighbors this time in a non-gated community who also came out to do their assigned task of picking up the morning paper, and guess what happened Although the distance between the two houses in this lower middle class neighborhood are much closer to each other, both men were too absorbed in what they are doing that they did not bother to look up. Everybody is doing their own thing; it does not matter if the guys are wearing Rolexes or cheap Japanese watches, the interaction between humans are at a very intensity. Few words are spoken, people are quiet, except for the Moms who from a distance are the ones whose mouths are always in use.
Looking down on the physical surroundings, the observer noticed that in both locations dirt are piling up in the usual places. The rooftops for those much older houses begin to accumulate rotting leaves and the dust coming from the nearby dessert had also been collected in the gutters. The cat in the front lawn of the upper-class neighborhood is as bored as his whiskered cousin down the road five miles away. Also, the harried mom in the rich enclaves looks as distraught as the mother in a typical suburb who could not make her child eat breakfast while frantically trying to prepare her for school. For time is ticking in both places and it moves at the same speed. The rich and poor all have the same twenty four hours, everyone now is gearing up for the morning rush and nobody can make time stand still. In the afternoon both communities seemed no man's land as many of the folks had already left for work. The observer recorded that the toddlers left behind by their parents are being taken cared of by people not related to them judging by their facial features and other characteristics. It (observer) would later take note that money is given to them at the end of the day when Mom and Dad comes back from the office. And finally with regards to the baby sitter - which both working parents from both communities badly needed - when these hired help enter each respective house, immediately they went for the remote and watch TV. This phenomenon is again the same in both communities. As dusk begins to fall, the same golden sun can be seen dipping closer to the western side of both communities. And of course the moon is in its usual place and the stars too, the night sky can be enjoyed irregardless of the address. The moths are having a good time in both communities and they were attracted to the burning lamp-posts and did not care if the one is more expensive than the other. At night ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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