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North Korea and South Korea - Essay Example

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When I lived in Korea about three years ago, communism was familiar not only to me but also to peers whom I grew up with. My country is divided into two parts, North Korea and South Korea. During early 1950's, North Korea joined China and Russia to become a communist country while South Korea separated from America to be a democratic country…
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North Korea and South Korea
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Download file to see previous pages Communism is a political movement that believes in an economic system in which the state controls the means of producing everything on behalf of the people. It aims to create a society in which everyone is treated equally. On the other hand, democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a country has a right to select their representatives. There is fair and equal treatment of everyone in the nation, and the sovereign are given the right to take part in decision-making. More than the geographic boundary between these two countries, their form government sets them farther apart.
The story "Saboteur" by Ha Jin, provided a clear demonstration of how communist laws are working. First of all, Mr. Chiu was caught by the policemen and was called station with for no reason at all. It can be recalled that he was having lunch with his bride before Muji train station. After they ate and were finally leaving, two policemen who sat next table, spilled tea to Mr. Chiu and his bride's direction, so their sandals got wet. However, when Mr.Chiu complained about rudeness of those policemen, they grabbed him and clamped hand cuffs around his wrists. They took Mr. Chiu to police station because Mr.Chiu kept complaining on how unfairly they have treated him. The policemen told him that he was caught because he is a Saboteur, and he disrupted public order. The story illustrated an incident which took place in China, a communist country. He did not do anything to policemen yet they persuaded him and his bride. Besides, guards arrested him and took him to the police station without valid reason. Even though Mr. Chiu complained about it, he was unable to do anything and must suffer the injustice.
This situation depicts how a democratic country differs from a communist one. In democratic country like South Korea or America, they cannot arrest people without a valid reason or complaint. The main duty of a policeman is see to it that laws are enforced and that people are restrained from misconduct. However, in a communist country, they have an enormous power backed by their government enabling them to do whatever they want, even if their actions are unjust. The wards of policemen or army are the law themselves.
Second, when Mr. Chiu got in the police station, the chief asked him interrogated and ask him to sign on the agreement. The police made up stories involving him in a crime which he did not commit. They knew that he did not do anything, but may be they felt like make him as a criminal. They even forced him to sign an agreement stating made-up stories.
In a democratic country, situations like this require proper procedures. The suspects have the right to call their own lawyer and proper hearings will be conducted in order to determine what really happened to come up with the right decision. Laws are used in judgment. In contrast, in a communist country, they do not have the pre-established process of judging a criminal. They are not given the chance to be defended by a lawyer rendering unfair judgment. Even in this story, Mr. Chiu is supposed have his lawyer, but they conducted the processing without his lawyer. It should be noted that the court has not been fair to him. The policemen made up a crime for him and pushed him to submit because there are no laws which can deter them. The military has the supreme power because they are the primary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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