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Invented Tradition - Essay Example

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overtly or tacitly accepted rules and of a ritual or symbolic nature, which seek to inculcate certain values norms of behaviour by repetition, which automatically implies continuity with the past. (Hobsbawm, E. and Ranger T., 1983). The idea of invented traditions is useful in considering the historical development of Western notions of Asia or the Orient…
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Invented Tradition
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Download file to see previous pages In the mid 19th century the war between British and China has caused the leader of the British to concede. This was about the legalization of the opium by the Western to sell it to the drug addicts in China. Like in the present situation marijuana and other addicting substance are being sold anywhere.
Racism is one of the invented traditions that are important in the development of the Asia or the Orient. It is one of the problematic notions in the Western. From the 19th century until now Westerns or the Europeans and Americans tends to look one person based on its race or history. The racism in Asian or the orient is not evident since they can adopt in different cultural norms and values. China for example has become successful today because of hard work and cooperation without tracing the race or beginnings. It is an invented tradition which may not help the development of a nation.
The traditions can be grafted from the old ones. The western notion about race can still be adopted in a different ways. The traditional song or folksong can be the basis of identification of a certain nationality. In the past Asian such as the Philippines has several folksongs helping it in identifying the country. By this invented tradition several composers and writers have been able to compose several songs which was taken from the past and continued in the present. This song from the Western colony has been reorganized or arranged to adopt in the culture of the Asians. The historical development of the song from the Western notion has been changed thru repetitive arrangement of the song and several corrections on it. Now Asians or the Orient has its identity from the invented traditions of songs.
Religions in the past are also a significant factor in the history of the Asians under the Europeans. Catholics before are devoted, the invented tradition of religion in western notion of Asians has been changed by changing several writings about the Bible. The result of several religious groups today maybe traced from the past. The war in the religion maybe the cause of different beliefs arises from the culture they are living. Before Westerns are believed to be Catholic, but now different groups with different names is arising adopting their beliefs from the Catholic.
Invented tradition is useful since from the past we will be able to solve several problems from the present. The invented tradition may serve as an evidence of the present problem that can be solved by studying the past and the origin of the tradition. The problem in the racism as stated above can be solved by tracing back the tradition of the past. The history of the songs written and the national anthem of every nation can be understood by analyzing the past.

Thru invented tradition the understanding about human relation will be clearly analyzed. Discrimination in certain western area can be prevented by tracing the past of such belief to the present situation of the Asian people in a western soil. The western notion about the niger or the black race can be changed by presenting the history of the Asian or the Orient.
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