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Education in America - Personal Statement Example

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Studding in the school doesn't remain a problem for the child as much more improvement at this level has been achieved. But studding the higher level education across the border line remains a hectic problem especially for a young girl. This is what I am facing as a major barrier in my life…
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Education in America
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, they do no hold enough strong financial background to support my education. Therefore, I am facing two problems at a time, my family resistance not to study more across the border as it is not in our family traditions and financial background. The only support that I have is my father who loves to see me as a high educated girl. These problems are affecting my studies as I can't give my full coverage over my studies. Not only I have to support my education but also I have to realize my family member that how important is my studies in this era. To finance my studies I am trying to earn through job that is consuming much of my time, more often I also face cultural problem at my work place. As I is Chinese born and my culture, language and traces are completely different from Americans. Though, this is a secondary problem but still this problem is also contributing in my tensions. But now as time passes, my father has contributed a lot in supporting my education, not only this he also realized my family that I ma on the right path. As time passes, my family when seek positive enhancements and augmentations in my personality, and when they see people respecting me as I am highly educated, they are no more criticizing my education and my stay in USA. Moreover, as I pass different levels of my education I get better jobs that support my education in better way.
Though different problem aris...
This cultural difference becomes a great hurdle in my social life. This enables me to restrict within a small social group who also belong to Chinese culture. But still face problem in finding such friends and groups who have Chinese culture and this pressurize me to get involve in this new culture so that life in the future become easy. Though, I accept this culture because I was compel to accept this to make the life easier in future but still I accept those things from this culture which my tradition can allow. Later on with time, when the American culture fully exposed to me, I do not accept the culture fully as I know that I have to return to my country after completing my job. But to make the journey of my education in America easy, I accept the culture of America and try with time to accept different things and this directly affect my socialization. The more I become social, the more I interact people, the more I learn from them.
I have joined a student campaign that helps the other students who arrived from different culture, this campaign or organization actually help such students in their initial stages. Leading such campaign was not a problem for me as I already face all such problems and know that how I have to handle them. Therefore, I have introduces different small programs within the campaign that directly help those who are new to USA and arrived for their further studies. My leadership qualities remain my strength as I know that how I have to agree and realized my co-follows for such programs. When you know that you are on the right path and you are right in your rights than this actually enhances your leadership character because when you are internally strong than you not only lead yourself but you ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education in America Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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