How important is it to have a college education in America today Is it necessary to have one in order to be successful - Essay Example

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More and more want to school graduates enter colleges to get more chances for success in life; even adults who left schools many years ago strive to get a degree to build their…
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How important is it to have a college education in America today Is it necessary to have one in order to be successful
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Extract of sample "How important is it to have a college education in America today Is it necessary to have one in order to be successful"

Importance of College Education in America Many people say that education is a key to success without reasoning why it is so important nowadays. More and more want to school graduates enter colleges to get more chances for success in life; even adults who left schools many years ago strive to get a degree to build their careers and get more guarantees of stability in life. At the same time, some of them still hope to succeed in life without spending time and money on higher education. In fact, college education pays back twice because it significantly improves employment chances, boosts annual income and stimulates self-realization in future.
It is a fact that people with college degree have more chances to be employed than their peers who end up with high school diploma only. According to US Bureau of Labor statistics, the rate of unemployment among people who have less than a high school diploma merits 11% of US population. This number can be compared to 7% unemployment rate among people who attended college and 5.4% rate among those who have Associates degree (US Bureau of Labor). Unemployed people struggle to survive in the world where wellbeing and poverty rarely occur together. People without college degree have fewer chances to get high-paid jobs or managerial positions at work. Since college education boosts employment opportunities, it is a significant reason to study hard for the sake of better future.
There is a positive correlation between education and median weekly income of each person. For instance, people who have less than a high school diploma earn $472 a week which is hardly enough for decent life (US Bureau of Labor). People who have high school diploma earn $651 in average while people with college education can increase their earnings to average $777 weekly (US Bureau of Labor). These numbers prove that people with college education have more chances to succeed financially. It is obvious that people need money for living; people who invest in their education get more opportunities to earn enough to support their families, care about health, nutrition and entertainment in life. These things are vital because they make people feel secured and comfortable on their way to success.
Better income and employment positively influence life satisfaction due to the fact that people realize their potential and enjoy what they do in life. Without college education people can hardly realize their life ambitions, set career goals and get enough resources for happy life. According to Pascarella and Terenzini, people with college degree tend to be more satisfied with their work than those without it. According to their research, college education influences «job prestige, job autonomy, nonroutine work and earnings» which impact individual perception of work (Pascarella and Terenzini 535). As far as people spend most time of the day at work, it is really important to treat it positively. Moreover, colleges improve background knowledge and broaden horizons of every students to let them enjoy life in different dimensions and pay enough attention to self-development in future.
In summary, college education gives people more chances to succeed in life. Having college degree, they can find better jobs, earn more money and feel satisfied with their lives. These benefits of education are vital because they positively influence quality of life and satisfaction of people. Those who ignore these benefits of college education because it costs time and money lose many opportunities which could keep them happy in later life. College will pay back later by successful career, earnings and life without worries about basics things which are needed to survive. College will benefit each student by professional knowledge, necessary skills and personal development. Having these benefits in mind, one can confidently state that college education pave the way to success.

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