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A Polite Question about Turf - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Thank you for your memo. It was both warm and welcome, indicating your willingness for cooperation. I must admit that I was quite worried that you might think I was stepping on your turf when, in fact, I have no intention of doing so. Instead, I am hoping that we can both work together and that our respective departments can cooperate with one another so that we may devise and implement a tighter, more effective and efficient company-wide security system…
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A Polite Question about Turf
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Download file to see previous pages I am well aware that your department is responsible for physical security. I am also aware that the securitization of physical space is becoming more problematic because of the proliferation of networked terminals throughout the organization. As I am sure you know, the ICT Department, our servers and the organization's networked terminals are all points of security vulnerable. To varying degrees, accessing them means accessing vital, potentially invaluable, corporate information. For example, should unauthorized personnel access our server room, they could very well bring the company to a standstill simply by uploading a virus. The implication here is that the automation of the work process and the ways and means by which all company data, including highly sensitive and confidential data, is currently stored, has necessitated the merger of our responsibilities. Securitization of physical space and securitization of information are intrinsically related and by virtue of that, the respective works and responsibilities of our departments overlap.
I have before me an ideal outline of the means and ways by which we will work together to enhance facilities and information security. ...
Identification and authentication of identity will be automated and rather than stand sentinel, security guards will monitor the security cameras, physically moving to a location only in instances of suspicious activity. Further according to this outline, access to both of our departments and the company's dedicated server room will also be automated and restricted to authorized personnel whose identity has been authenticated. As per the stated, employees will be issued microchip security cards onto which such information as identity and security access level are recorded. The information on these cards will be entered by the ICT department and our computers will also keep track of all employee security cards and access levels. These cards, however, will only be issued following the receipt of a letter of authorization from your department and will be sent to your department for subsequent distribution. In other words, cooperation and coordination over identification, authentication and the securitization of the more critical and vulnerable of the physical spaces (both our departments and the server room, among others) is the aim.
Final Assurance
In closing, I hope that I have accurately communicated my plan and want to emphasize the importance of our feedback regarding the possibility of implementation. When we meet, we can work out the details of our cooperation but, meanwhile, please rest assured that I am not planning to transgress over your space and responsibilities.
Interoffice Memo
Date: 7/15/2007
To: Sarah Feldstein, CEO
From: Esther, CISCO
RE: Changing from passwords to tokens
In your memo you raised two questions. One was why we need tokens in the first place. The second was why invest $20 per ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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