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Event management has gained application in so many sectors of the Canadian economy. The sports industry is one such area that requires special attention. This is because it involves the outdoors, it has the capacity to draw large crowds and the magnitude of sponsors involved is usually high…
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Download file to see previous pages (Red Bull Crashed Ice, 2008) Also, the essay will be a discussion of the vendors needed to make such an event successful. Examples of vendors that will be discussed include; food vendors, beverage vendors, advertising vendors, Music and entertainment vendors, ancillary vendors and security vendors.
A sports event without food is a failed one. Reports indicate that many Canadians including the ones at Quebec City are looking for snack based foods. Some of the most common foods to be found in such events include peanuts, soft drinks, hotdogs, and ice cream. Consequently, the Red Bull Crashed Ice event will be more of a success if it contained some of the latter mentioned items. Dry foods such as peanuts and other snack may be sold by many vendors.
However, food requiring some sort of heating such as hotdogs and sausages will need to be sold by vendors with stands. The company either has the choice of having stalls where the vendors could be located or alternatively, they could offer these items in carts. The latter approach would be more feasible than the former one because of the fact that the event will only last for one day. Additionally, most food vendors are usually contract based; consequently, most of them may already have their own facilities that would assist them in the process of selling their merchandise.
In order to determine how much reception the sports fun will give to a food type, it is essential for one to consider the nature of the sport. In sports where there is less action, then people are likely to get out of their seats and buy items. The Red Bull Ice event will be packed with action as it is naturally a fast sport. (Red Bull Crashed Ice, 2008)Additionally, the weather or the condition of the venue plays a large role. It has been noted that when it is extremely cold, people tend to stay in their seats and move around less, however, when it is warm, then they are likely to look for food stands. In order to ensure that food vendors conduct their business people, it will be essential for food vendors to move around with the commodities because the nature of event is likely to trigger minimal participation from people.
In order to boost the success of this event, it will be important for the food vendors to offer a wide variety of foods. For instance, hamburgers, pizzas and some deep fried chicken may be an alternative. It should be noted that most people tend to prefer certain dry foods in sports events because it gives them the flexibility to stand up and cheer their teams without worrying about dropping their food. This means, that the food on offer needs to be easy to handle.
There are various ways in which the company can access such food vendors. First of all, it could find out some of the vendors that have taken part in previous events in Quebec thus hiring them. The best way of doing this is by consulting with previous sponsors of the game. Alternatively, the company could search through numerous Food vending sites across the Internet which contain lists of people who have worked in the sporting event before. These vendors normally place their resumes on those websites and the company can then prove whether the claims made in those advertisements are true by calling some of their previous clients. Additionally, some vendors have created websites of where to find them and where they are based Quebec City has a wide range to choose from. One such company is known as Kijiji Edmonton. This company was created with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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VENDORS OF RED BULL CRASHED ICE Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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