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Naked Economics - Essay Example

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There has been large chunk of studies on deep economics. In Charle's Wheelen's book Naked Economics, he presents another face of economics for the ordianary people, who are not well with the complexities and figures and graphs of conventional economic studies…
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Naked Economics
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Extract of sample "Naked Economics"

Download file to see previous pages Wheelen has stressd the importance of innovation in his opening chapter. He says that trade is like innovation. Imagining larger goals such as turning corn into stereo, soybeans into cars and Windows software into French wine, he says that such a large context innovation is happening in trade in both rich and poor countries. According to him trade makes people richer and brings in more specialization in production. Wheelen's argument is that trade is mutually beneficial as it is based on the concept of voluntary exchange. In today's global trade order innovation has a greater role and helps in the value addition of global trade. The growing competitive environment and emergence of new industry houses from developing markets are compelling industrial houses world over and ambitious nations to give shape a solid action plan for the long term existence. With the opening up of economies, the capital flow has now become freer and margins have come down significantly. Most of these companies are now working on shoe string margins or carrying out specific cost saving measures to increase their competitive advantages. Companies from developing nations are also aggressively entering into the markets in developed world such as United States, European Union and United Kingdom. While industry has to decrease the cost of production, it was necessary to improve technology and product quality to sustain in this highly competitive global trade scenario. It is in this scenario that multi national companies are thinking of a new approach for growth. Innovation is considered as the major factor deciding the competitive power of industries and nations. Wheelen says that trade makes the world richer by allowing greater specialization in production. According to Wheelen the trade will also help the customers products and services are lower cost. Not yet finished extolling the virtues of international trade, Wheelen turns to saying the myths of "sweatshop labor" and a trade-fostered environmental "race to the bottom."
In the chapter "The Power of Markets", he portraits the power of markets to improve the consumer's life. He describe in the work about how markets use "prices to allocate scarce resources," how "markets are self-correcting," and how "every market transaction makes all parties better off." Trade is an unavoidable necessity in today's economics. Wheelen is successful in evaluating the strength of market and trade in improving living standards. He portraits how politics is influenced by trade related issues. Providing a in-depth analysis of public choice field of economics, he says that even smaller groups can make political impacts in the economic interest.
In the chapter "The Power of Organized Interests," he says that farmers and ethanol producers were able to wrangle beneficial legislation with their collective bargaining power. It also gives an idea of rent seeking and explains how regulations such as occupational licensing can become powerful tools for self-interested individuals to extract rewards that they would be unable to in the marketplace.

After illustrating how free markets are virtually always superior to markets regulated by government intervention, he suggests ways that governments can improve things by intervening in those markets. It may seem that Wheelan is a leftist economics. But his actual success is that he was able to give a clear picture of how market performs in the new economic order. His says that wages ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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