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Priestley and his dramatics: An Inspector Calls - Essay Example

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An Inspector Calls is one of J B Priestley's 'time plays'. Each of the time plays depicted a different perspective of time and presented time as a central metaphor based on which the action of the play and the lives of the characters revolved. The unique temporal andscape thus provided by the playwright enabled him to depict, as in the play An Inspector Calls, the domain of the Unconscious powerfully…
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Priestley and his dramatics: An Inspector Calls
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Download file to see previous pages J B Priestley is not only predicting the consequence of such a war on nations and the international arena but also on individuals and families. The playwright subtly interweaves into the fabric of the play the many colours of fear and its intricate designs. Brumley, where the plot is set, is an industrial town like, say, Birmingham or Burnley. When the play begins, the affluent family of Arthur Birling is all gussied up to celebrate the engagement of Birling's daughter Sheila to Gerald Croft, a handsome young man given to the same set of capitalist canons as his prospective father-in-law. The revelry is paused when Inspector Goole arrives asking for information about the suicide of Eva Smith, Birling's former employee. The interrogation assumes the Birlings to be guilty of the death of the woman. But after the 'inspector' leaves, the family realizes Goole was an impostor and that Eva did not die en route to the infirmary after consuming a disinfectant. Thus, the interrogation acquires a subconscious quality - a trial of the mind, carried out as it were in real time.
When the play opens, amidst the fizz of the celebration, we hear the social talk between Gerald and Birling. They talk about business, politics, social attitudes, classes and the like. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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