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Thesis Statement: I strongly believe that the decision of war taken by the leaders of different countries of the world is crime against humanity. Our leaders should resolve problems through talks rather than through wars, which kills thousands of soldiers and destroys the happiness of their families.
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Thesis Statement and Outline
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Download file to see previous pages b) Killing is inhuman and all of us should get together to persuade our leaders to completely ban war. Instead of fighting amongst themselves, soldiers of different countries should get together to fight terrorism.
c) Sometimes they are made slaves by the army of the other country. They are treated just like the way hostages are treated by terrorists. This is a heavy price they have to pay in order to be loyal to their countrymen. So war should be banned in order to stop crimes against humanity.
Conclusion: It is a torture to live in this world where either through media or direct experience we witness several crimes against humanity regularly. Today children are growing in this atmosphere and getting transformed into adults with lesser feelings and sympathy. This is not their fault. Some of the crimes have become so common, that they have started looking normal, especially to the impressionable minds. Therefore to build a healthy society and to stop its members from becoming immune to the crimes against humanity let's pledge to turn this world into a better place or in other words lets pledge to stop crimes against humanity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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