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Learning Plan Outcome Report 2,000 words - Essay Example

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In the previous assignment, the learning in postoperative recovery was assessed with the objectives of learning. Recovery room nursing practice comprises of delivering immediate postoperative care to the patients undergoing surgery. It is a very important area of nursing work…
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Learning Plan Outcome Report 2,000 words
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Download file to see previous pages The revised learning objectives were acquiring skills of recovery nursing both in clinical assessment and management of the postsurgical patients in the immediate postoperative period in the recovery room. This learning would also provide opportunity for application of knowledge and skills in the real situation where the learning along with evidence from research in recovery room nursing would be understood and applied in order to be able to deliver most appropriate care for the postoperative patients in the recovery room (Williams et al., 2002). The best way, thus, would be to constantly update personal knowledge and skill learning. The competency standards talk about accountability, and the best method to ensure accountability is to deliver care based on the state of the art learning (ANMC, 2004b). Specifically the learning would involve clinical assessment (ANMC, 2004a) and management of respiratory problems, pain management, management of nausea and vomiting, and documentation of care.
Ans 1. The aim of recovery room nursing is provision of intensive observation and care in the postoperative patients, especially when the procedure had been done under anesthesia (Leykin et al., 2001).
Ans 2. Q2. What are the primary objectives of nursing care in the Recovery Unit
Ans 2. The primary objectives are recognition of major potential problems associated with a specific surgical procedure and initiation of appropriate corresponding actions. The nurses must be able to identify and demonstrate general procedures which are routine in the recovery unit, where the care will be documented until consciousness and physical functions are totally back to normal for legal reasons. It is better they use an established scoring guide for this reason (Wilkins et al., 2009).
Q3. What are the serious events in the recovery unit that a nurse must watch for
Ans 3. Respiratory problem, cardiovascular problem, and hemorrhage. Respiratory arrest is not uncommon in this liable and vulnerable situation. The nurse must be able to take corrective action promptly (Leykin et al., 2001).
Q4. What are the primary goals of recovery room nursing care
Ans4. These involve continuous, close monitoring, vigilant patient assessment; safe recovery from anaesthesia & surgery; skilled nursing action & patient management; prevention of, or early recognition & intervention of post anaesthetic/surgical problems; short-term intensive care nursing leading to optimal patient outcomes (Radford, 2003).
Q5. What should be focus in care
Ans5. The nurses must be competent and continue to assess their own competence. Immediate postoperative recovery care is important since in this phase many patient deaths may occur. Most of the deaths occur due to specific anesthetic errors, errors in judgment, lack of vigilance, and these can be prevented. Nursing care must focus on prevention of complications and their treatment if they occur (Radford, 2003).
Q6. What should be the staffing ratios
Ans6. Depending on the care needs and criticality of the condition, the staffing ratio varies. There is a recovery patient classification system, and based on that there are 4 classes, I, II, III, and IV, where the nurse patient ratios should be 2:1, 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Plan Outcome Report 2,000 Words Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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