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The field of health care has undergone a tremendous transformation with the increasing use of information technology and greater technological and medical break throughs.The use of information technology in healthcare has been on the rise as the emphasis of all categories of health care have recognized the need to generate timely data and act upon the same so as to improve not only the patient's overall satisfaction levels in terms of the reduction in waiting time to get the desired treatment from the chosen physician and associated healthcare system; but such information systems are being extended to wider issues of risk management and reporting of adverse events…
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Download file to see previous pages LPCP developed systems to enable patients, registered with a London GP and who were approaching six months on the waiting list with a London NHS Trust, to be offered a degree of choice over when and where they received treatment. Patients who accepted choice of another hospital would be treated earlier than if they remained with their existing hospital and earlier than the government target waiting time. LPCP activity commenced in October 2002 and by June 2004, 22,500 patients had been offered choice and 15,000 had accepted treatment at another hospital. From the beginning of the Project, it was decided there should be an independent evaluation of performance against objectives. The evaluation focused on three areas, the patient experience (Picker Institute Europe), organizational change (Royal Holloway) and system wide impacts (University of York). In addition, a discrete choice experiment was conducted (King's Fund/RAND Europe) to examine patient attitudes toward different elements of choice".

Thus Electronic Health Records (EHR) can bring about multifarious improvements in the healthcare efficiency which would lead to patient's satisfaction in the ultimate analysis. However time efficiency of physicians and nurses is the targeted variable in assessment of the system of collection of electronic records and the use of such a database. Associated variables are the safety and the overall quality of the offered healthcare. Literature has placed on record that EHR use is enhanced if the EHR system is capable of attaining high speed, ease of use and value added services such as the generation of the reports in a variety of desired formats. (Ammenwerth E,et al,2001;Bates DW et al,2003; Herbst K et al,1999; Rotman BL, et al., 1996). However the EHR systems are most evaluated through the user characteristics (Littlejohns P, et al, 2003; Rotich JK et al, 2003) and the training ease that is possible in such systems. Literature variedly emphasizes the need for the EHR systems to be formed after a through understanding of the underlying clinical structure and systems. (Ammenwerth E et al,2003);Beuscart-Zephir MC et al,2001; Kuhn & Giuse,2001;LaDuke S.,2001;Staccini P, et al,2001) In order to achieve a good fit of the information system with the clinical settings extensive documentation is required to be made. This documentation needs to take into account all possibilities and eventualities before it is put on steam. (Lau F, et al, 1998; Tierney WM et al, 1993; Tierney WM et al, 1994)

While the above has been stated with the field of medical and health care in general in view; the same can be stated of even the evolving field of radiography where the information and electronic records ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Radiographer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words.
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