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Financial Review of Southern Textiles - Essay Example

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Financial Review of Southern Textiles
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Extract of sample "Financial Review of Southern Textiles"

Download file to see previous pages f) Based on the information about potential returns on investments in the first paragraph and information 0n marginal cost of capital ( in parts a, c, and e) how large a capital investment budget should the firm use

Project A will increase the firm's processed yarn capacity and has an expected return of 15% after taxes.
Project B will increase the capacity for woven fabrics and carries a return of 13.5%.
Project C, a venture into synthetic fibers, is expected to earn 11.2% and
Project D, an investment into dye and textile chemicals, is expected to show a 10.5 % return.

Project A 15% 25 million
Project B 13.50% 25 million
Project C 11.20% 25 million
Project D 10.50% 25 million

Project C and D yield lower rates of return than 11.304% . Hence they should not be taken up Investment budget should be for
Projects A and B= 25+25=50 million

g) Graph the answer determined in part f.
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