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Security Manager: Ethical and Social Responsibilities - Essay Example

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Information technology (IT) solutions have become all-pervading as they facilitate businesses to operate better. Compounded with technology innovations is the development in communications, with the Internet making access to any information from anywhere very easy…
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Security Manager: Ethical and Social Responsibilities
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Download file to see previous pages Data thefts, embezzling on the Net and identity thefts are not uncommon, forcing IT heads to consider data protection. And since thefts from within an organisation are greater threats than from outside, access control is one of the key areas of concern for the IT manager. Therefore, the dependence on security solutions is becoming greater. In this context, the security manager is responsible for not only protecting data but also acting responsibly. Being the sole controller of access, managers have the advantage of accessing any information. Therefore, being aware of their ethical and social responsibilities in exercising control and not compromising on others' privacy is of paramount importance. As Deb Shinder points out in her article on the ethical issues of IT security on the Internet, they have to be leaders in self-restraint and not abuse their position by prying into data not relevant to them.
They also have to be guides to their colleagues in establishing a good security culture by gaining their confidence and ensuring that all across the board are aware of the need for security as an enabler rather than a block.
Information technology solutions today cater to almost all industries in varying degrees. Be it healthcare, manufacturing, banking, insurance, FMCG or even education, there are solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the industry to enable easier and quicker processing of information. In addition to this, there are general solutions that help in document management, facilitate better communication, enable sharing of information and processing of data.
In this context, the role of the IT manager is also expanding. No more are they mere number crunchers but have access to board-room decision making. The IT heads are expected to not only understand technology, but business too. They are privy to confidential information - and this is where their role becomes critical. The confidential information is available not only behind doors but on the computer systems that they help set-up and configure.
One of the main configurations the IT head is responsible for is that of protecting systems and data from being stolen or being misused.
The Internet: Boon or Bane
The Internet, ever since it came into common usage, has truly shrunk the world. Today, it is possible to access any information sitting at the click of a mouse: be it about the Icelanders while sitting in the Saharan desert or about the tsunami that hit India while sitting in another land-locked country - all it needs is a communication set up and connection from and Internet Service Provider.
This has enabled travelling executives to keep in touch with their offices via email and Internet connections. There are also solutions that enable the executives to access specific parts of their system or network, depending on their need.
While this is no doubt a boon for the organisations that get the maximum out of their employees - ensuring that not even a day's work is lost whether the employee is travelling or accessing from home - it has also lead the network vulnerable to attack from unwanted and malicious hackers. The hackers could be harmless, doing it for a lark, or serious business threats that could use any weak link to their advantage.
There are also copyright, intellectual property and patents issues involved as easy access and relatively difficult traceability can lead uncontrolled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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