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Conflict Management College - Essay Example

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Communication is defined as the transmission of information from one end to another. When it is between people it is termed as inter personal communication. As people communicate there are bound to be misunderstandings. This is because the two people communicating are different in terms of their values and interests…
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Conflict Management College

Download file to see previous pages... The consequence of this is that there is decreased productivity, more stress especially among the employees, held back performance, a high employee turnover rate and absenteeism. However, in its most serious and worst form, anger could lead to violence and even death in the workplace. (2008)
Conflict in the workplace is the result of certain factors. For instance, according to Fiore, the most important cause could be in the case where one feels taken advantage of. The employer/boss/manager may take advantage of the employees by overworking them but ultimately paying them close to nothing sometimes even not paying them at all. It could also be that the employee feels misunderstood in the workplace not only by the employer but also by colleagues. In other instances yet, the company may not clearly have interpreted its goals and values well to its employees. Conversely, the employee may have goals and values that are not in tandem with those of the organization that they work for. Thus, there are four main conflict resolution steps that employers and managers may take so as to reduce work place conflict. (2008)
Sample the following scenario that has potential for conflict in the work place. A janitor is going about his daily duties in the organization that involve cleaning of not only the halls but also the restroom. He is about 45 years of age and has been a janitor for the last 20 years. On one occasion as he goes about his duties cleaning the restroom, a man in a business suit who forms part of the management approaches him and says to him, 'you should listen to me, you appear to be an intelligent fellow. For more than 15 years you have been cleaning the toilets. Why don't you try something else Do something with your life and get another job' In response, the janitor smiles and says to him, 'what And leave show business' the man in the suit cannot help but walk away and shake his head in disbelief. Few weeks go by and the janitor and the man in the suit meet gain. Just like before, the man in the suit says the same thing as before. This time the janitors seeks to question him, why he often speaks to him like he does.
Janitor: 'I often feel like you are putting me down when you constantly ask me to do something with my life and get another job. Man in suit: I am only trying to help.
Janitor: While I understand that, I would appreciate it if you didn't ask me to get another job. I try not to let it bother me but it makes me fell inadequate.
Man in suit: I apologize.
Janitor apology accepted: Apology accepted. I enjoy interacting with the people I come into contact with as I do my job which is why I made fun of your comment last time.
Man in suit: It was very smart and caught me off guard. I will try and be more appreciative of the job you do for us on a daily basis.
Janitor: That will be very nice of you.

According to Tillett, the first and the most important thing that the managers need to look into, is communication skills. They need to understand how communication is carried out in their organization. Of particular significance is the way in which they communicate and how they could be teaching their employees to communicate with each other. (1999) For instance, it is important that the use of 'I' as opposed to you is encouraged. The importance of doing so is that feelings and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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