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Personal Perspectives - Essay Example

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This course, on the study of path breaking Book by Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence will help me to understand the importance of emotions in work life, home life and personal life. By comprehending the four basic attributes namely Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management and testing myself, I will gain an understanding of my own strengths and weakness in these attributes…
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Personal Perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages I find myself more confident while dealing with customers and am able to detach myself while taking business decisions. The clients somehow sense my confidence and seem to be able to trust me much more. I can see my communication with my clients and mentors will improve drastically. I already have the necessary job skills for my business, and consider myself reasonably intelligent. This improvement in communication will polish my personality and equip me with the right attitude which is indispensable for closing deals. I will be able to assess the customers' needs and emotional state through their body language and I see lot of repeat customers because they like my work style and management, word of mouth publicity for our business from satisfied clients.
My bonding with my husband will be much more as I will be able to assess and control my emotions without suppressing them. I will not be prone to sudden outbursts of anger, instead I will be able to communicate my areas of concern and feelings of anxiety precisely and coolly. I hope to be able to share what I have learnt in this course with my husband so that his emotional intelligence also improves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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