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1) There are several issues here, the majority of which emanate from the absence of a clear charting of responsibilities and the disconnect between Sondra and the parents due to linguistic barriers. As regards the first, several things must be highlighted…
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Download file to see previous pages The third issue is that Barbara does not appear to appreciate the needs of special education students or the approaches which should be adopted vis--vis this particular group of learners. As regards the second, the issues are more directly related to Barbara's bilingualism and her relationship with the parents. Indeed, as may be deduced from the case study, rather than facilitate the development of a relationship between Sondra, the teacher, and the parents, Barbara quite effectively functions as an obstacle to the evolution of such a relation. In other words, the issues in this case are, in one way or another, directly related to Barbara's attitude towards, not just Sondra, but the teachers she had previously worked with.
2) It is difficult to categorically state that the identified issues could have been avoided but one may posit that their consequences could have been minimised had Sondra taken a firmer stand with Barbara. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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